Human Bodies & Leather Chalice – Split

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Broken Limbs Recordings
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Released: 2015
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 HumanBodies1Band line-up:
Human Bodies

Terzakis – guitar/vocals
Gabe – guitar/vocals
Jason – bass
Dan – drums

Leather Chalice

Jann – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Benn – Drums


1. Human Bodies – Only the Sigh
2. Human Bodies – Malice Prepense
3. Leather Chalice – Good Intentions (Coming Home I)
4. Leather Chalice – Last Gifts of Worship (Coming Home II)


If there are two genres of music I love more than any other in the wide array of rock music, it’s black metal and crust punk. Put the two of those together and you have a rawness like no other area of music and the anger and speed you get are simply mesmerising in all the moroseness these genres can offer. And two bands expelling such anguish and drug fuelled resentment at modern society are Human Bodies and Leather Chalice.

This split from the two American black metal punks has everything you could ask for if you like your music raw and filled with chainsaw guitars and drums which can range from machine gun blast beats to a chugging avalanche in a good breakdown.

Boston based group Human Bodies begins this trip into the angry abyss with ‘Only the Sigh’ cutting into your earphones in a style that reminded me of crossover thrash group DRI and even Skeletonwitch if they’d ditched their melodies. I was impressed within seconds and wanted to listen to this song again and again. Human Bodies then leads directly on into ‘Malice Prepense’ which has a gallop of double bass drums that just screams punk metal at me. This is band I knew I had to check out by the time the songs had ended. A wonderful first impression.

Then we move onto New Hampshire group Leather Chalice who seemed even rawer than the first band. That is quite an achievement if you felt the music couldn’t get any more extreme. ‘Good Intentions (Coming Home I)’ begins thundering along like a bullet train but then takes a real twist in direction to a slower, more sludge metal like pace. The drums are played in a manner that told me this was a good breakdown, nothing metalcore. I really enjoyed the contrast this group had presented.

And finally Leather Chalice gives us ‘Last Gifts of Worship (Coming Home II)’. Carrying a fine screech of black metal vocals and all the right level of weight a punk rock infused group can handle. Drums and bass are well audible and the guitars are scratchy and jagged, ideal for someone who loves the sound of a buzzsaw in their ear whilst the vocalist is screaming about the angers held by any young person towards a capitalist society.

If I were to criticise this release at all: there just isn’t enough of it. I was left wanting more and more from these two groups and I will certainly be looking into their discographies in the near future. It’s great to know the basics of the most extreme music around are still flying high above the ever growing mountains of mediocrity in an over saturated world of metal music.

Review by Demitri Levantis



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