Babyjane, Australia’s rock n’ roll dogs streaming and video!

Babyjane, Australia’s rock n’ roll dogs, have had a busy year so far…
They played the Rocklahoma Festival in May headlined by Linkin Park, finally got to tread the stage at the Whiskey in Los Angeles, play their first US gigs ever (Dallas, LA and Tulsa) and raced through a day at ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke’s studio before he had to hit the road with his Kings of Chaos cover band.

The resulting track, ‘Do Ya’, is the band’s fourth single (after Are You Listening from debut of the same name, and ‘She’s Just A Liar’ and ‘Make it Sick’ from sophomore Michael Wagener-produced album Make it Sick.)

It’s a story of crumbling ego and confused self-identity and Gilby Clarke dug the track so much he contributed gfuitar and back-up vocals to the song.
The single is a precursor to an upcoming EP, due before the end of the year. 2016 will see the band record their third album again in the U.S., with Whitesnake’s 1987 producer Keith Olsen producing. Watch this space…