DECRYPTUS – The Necrotic Design

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Released:  2015
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DECRYPTUS - The Necrotic Design [EP]

 Band line-up:

Will Magnusson- vocals, guitar
Sam Phillips- drums
Dane McKenzie- guitar
Dom Zambelli- bass


part1. The Chrysalis Throne
part2. Altars Of A Fleshless Void (5:02)
part3.Ouroboros Rising (9:22)


Having formed in 2013, The Necrotic Design is the first EP from Australian band Decryptus which is the result of a year’s work, mixing thrash, death metal and hardcore.  Broken up into three parts Part 1. The Chrysalis Throne leads the way with a more gentle beginning, drawing you into a false sense of security with the gentle drumming and rhythms and paving the way for a hard introduction to the vocals and real speed of this offering.

It is interspersed with breaks which bring a melodic shift with the guitar melodies; balancing out the harsh nature of the vocals and thrash elements.  The melodies then back up that aggressive edge, creating a seamless movement and line throughout.  Being just over fifteen minutes in length its definitely benefits from the variances in style, breaks and changes in speed and vocal style.  It helps to break it up and it’s easy to forget that this is one song as it moves through it’s different stages so quickly.

Having said that there isn’t much change between the three parts to the track, aside from the much more continuous aggression present in Part 2, Alters of a Fleshless Void.  The guitar melodies are still there sewing everything together, but are flatter in movement to fit with the rest of the sound.  Part 3, Ouroboros Rising is more consistent in it’s rhythm and speed and allows for the drums to take more of the control and dominance, fighting well with the vocals.  Much steadier than the previous parts, again you can forget this is all one track.

There is a lot contained though within this one track, and though I wasn’t overly enamoured with all the vocals, Decryptus have certainly given you a fair bit to digest.