Hate In Flesh – The Human Curse

Rating: 4.5/5
Released:  2015
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Hate In Flesh - The Human Curse
Hate In Flesh – The Human Curse
Band line-up:  
  • Maiko Ramos (vocal)
  • Paulo Oliveira (guitar)
  • Marcelo Souza(guitar)
  • Tiago Mesquita(Bass)
  • Euler Morais (drum)
  1. Paradise of Sins
  2. A life of mistakes
  3. Dementia lives in me
  4. The human curse (The plague II)
  5. Belive in better days



Created in 2009, Hate In Flesh have already produced an album in 2011 called ‘Wandering Through Dispair’ which they describe as closer to melodic death metal with a modern twist.  They also state that their current songs promote a more mature sound and though I haven’t listen to their previous album, it seems clear to me from this EP alone that they are definitely heading in that direction.

Though I appreciate many aspects of the genre, deathcore is not my favourite and so I approached this review expecting not to overly enjoy it.  However, even without finishing the first song I was more than happy to be proved completely wrong.

The rhythms spread throughout the five songs on this EP are superb; fast, energetic and engaging.  The guitar melodies interlacing the songs and additional breaks are extremely well placed and really pull at your ear.  Both together never fail to keep you listening and there’s plenty to get your body into, whether it’s to headbang or just sway or whatever.  This EP is very much more than the sum of it’s parts, and there are certainly many of those.

I would have been happy if all five songs resembled the first but each one just kept proving my initial approach was misplaced.  Each track provides a new dimension and turn, such as the altering and mixed vocal styles introduced in Dementia Lives In Me, where the subtle additions add to the imagery.  Though it is in A Life of Mistakes that the change is more stark and unexpected, with the usual harsh vocals being replaced in part with a much more restrained distant rock style before being mixed together with additional harsher vocals.

Each song offers you something more and it’s a shame that there are only five songs as I would be very interested to hear what else Hate In Flesh could come up with.

Overall, a definite surprise and delight.  It’s no easy Sunday listening that’s for such as it’s loud, harsh, unforgiving and displays some very welcome brutal rhythms…..but it is indeed very easy to listen to.

Review by Rowena Lamb