Krysthla – A War Of Souls And Desires

Rating: 1/5
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Released: 2015
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Pic (3)Band line-up:

Adi Mayes – Vocals
Neil Hudson – Guitar
Noel Davis – Guitar
Carl Davis – Bass
Wayne Minney – Drums


01 Minority Of One
02 Luminosity
03 H+
04 Caged Earth
05 By Way Of Deception
06 The Human Cipher
07 Praise Thee In Flesh
08 An Ancient Hope



Born of the ashes of Gutworm with the addition of Adi Mayes from Deadeye, this is the debut offering from UK Band Krysthla. produced, engineered and mastered at Initiate Audio & Media Studios by by Neil Hudson. The nature of the album is designed to be extreme metal tackling the ethereal concepts of the meaning of life.

If you like drum triggers this will make you happy indeed, unfortunately I like a bit more skill than just hit it as fast as you can. ‘Minority of One’ starts with lots of fast drumming and spewed out shouted vocals that are very hard upon the ear making the lyrics indiscernible. The guitar riffs struggle to make themselves heard above the drums and the whole song leaves me cold. ‘Luminosity’ begins with slower drumming but still shouting not singing, there is a lack of melody which makes it unpleasant to listen to. Longest of the tracks is ‘H+’, frantic fast drums with no tune and lots of shouting about goodness knows what, drums drown out the guitars and it just makes me want to turn the whole thing off.

Persevering to track 4 ‘Caged Earth’ is slower drums, shouting and sounds just like the other tracks, ‘By Way Of Deception’, ‘The Human Copher’, ‘Praise Thee in Flesh’ and ‘An Ancient Hope’ complete the album in the same fashion. Nothing stands out, there is no variety, no dark & light, no rise & fall, its just bland and uneventful, every track sounds like the last. The lyrics are lost in the vocal delivery and the guitarists might as well have not shown up.

Krysthla head out on tour around the UK promoting this album.

Review by Lisa Nash