Le Butcherettes – A Raw Youth

Rating: 4,5/5
Distributor/label: http://ipecac.com/
Released: 2015
Buy album: http://www.merchaye-revolve.com/ipecac-music/le-butcherettes-a-raw-youth-cd
Band website: https://www.facebook.com/LeButcherettes

arawyouthBand line-up:

Teri Gender Bender – vocals/guitar/keys
Jamie Aaron Aux- bass/backing vocals
Chris Common- drums


1. Shave The Pride
2. My Mallely
3. Reason to Die Young
4. La Uva (ft. Iggy Pop)
5. Sold Less Than Gold
6. Stab My Back
7. They Fuck You Over
8. Witchless C Spot
9. The Hitch Hiker
10. Lonely & Drunk
11. Oil The Shoe If The Critter Knew Any Better
12. My Half (ft. John Frusciante)


Just one year after the release of “Cry Is For The Flies”, Le Butcherettes are back with this “A Raw Youth”. And given how rich and diverse it sounds, Teri Gender Bender proves (once more) that not only she’s talented but also that her creativity is up and running. Difficult third album? Not with this band. I even dare saying that “A Raw Youth” is their best effort so far.

The dirty groove of “Shave The Pride” contrasting with the neat, upbeat keys of “My Mallely”. The rebellious “They Fuck You Over” and the seductive “Witchless C. Spot”. The retro vibe in “Sold Less Than Gold” and the contemporary mix of influences present in “Oil The Show If The Critter Knew Any Better”. And let’s not forget the bizarre “La Uva”, with legendary (and somewhat bizarre himself) Iggy Pop as guest, as well as the odd “My Half”, where John Frusciante comes up with a bluesy guitar work. “A Raw Youth” manages to sound raw and yet classy, irreverent and sexy, old school and modern. When it comes to labels, you may call it garage punk, punk rock, alternative or indie – I understand the doubt. But ranking it at anything less than “top”, that will be harder to agree with.

 Review by Renata Lino