The Last – Wars of Solitude

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2015
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Sir Last – Complete composition, studio engineer and music production as well as being the vocalist



01- Die in Time
02- The Power to Say Goodbye
03- What do you Care About?



Wars of Solitude is a self released EP by Sir Last from Buenos Aires in Argentina and my first impressions being its impressive alone to do the nine yards and self released a album with all that needs doing to get the music ready for release all being done by one person, however I do feel where there are skills in the creative control of the release, in the production elements some of the fundamentals are lacking.

The first thing any artist wants to do is make a big impression with the first track on the EP, what Sir Last does is basically has done that, but not in the way you think, Sir Last least impressive vocal, however its one of three which is better produced, taking hip hop inspiration using the angel like intro works, however I don’t feel the vocals does the production of the track any justice.

However going through the rest of the EP, Sir Last has delivered two tracks which has had sufficient creative direction and it shows when listening to them both, however the Power To Say Goodbye stands out for me in being the strongest track of the EP release with What Do You Care About being not far behind: the difference with both of these tracks are subtle little productive elements for example the wind sound effect at the each of the vocal lines at the start of the track doesn’t need to be there as the effect overpowers the vocal, but if we flip this over the breakdown and the guitar musicianship of the second track on this EP is impressive and it helps makes the track stand out when listening to all the tracks one after another.

Overall I feel Sir Last has produced and composed a good solid EP and shows that there is production and composition skill set which is good, but not great, but then again I see many people enjoying the creative direction Sir Last has chose to go down and will appreciate the effort and time which is involved to get a EP to release.

Reviewed By Z~Z