Paradise Lost @ The Garage, Glasgow

1st October 2015
Review and images by Ritchie Birnie

Lucifer Lucifer

Due to interview duties I only got to catch the tail end of Lucifer’s set. To me they seemed a bit of a mismatch to this tour. They were very hippy and trippy but what do I know as they seemed to go down a treat. The lighting definitely followed the band’s name as it was red for most of what I caught. I felt lead singer Johanna’s voice was a bit weak in places and failed to capture me.
Tribulation Tribulation

Now Tribulation is what I expect from a Paradise Lost support band. Face painted, scorching guitars, a thumping rhythm section and a vocalist who sings as if he has swallowed a ton of gravel. They grabbed the audience from the onset with a double axe attack and some serious theatrics. This band do not stand at peace and are constantly on the go which keeps the photographers happy.
Tribulation Tribulation

The Swedish four piece are only playing a few selected shows on this tour so you may miss them, which is a shame. They played songs from all three albums with the emphasis on the latest release “ Children of the Night”. If you have not heard the band I can confirm that they are heavily influenced by the vampire lore both in written and movie formats. It works so well in live a setting and had I not met the boys during daylight hours I really would wondering if they were human on stage. The make-up covering pasty faces? The unlimited energy? The strange glint in the eyes and the demanding of our love. The other worrying thing is we all came here of our own free will.
Tribulation Tribulation

On the basis of this show alone I can see why this band is now on a serious bit of globetrotting, They have recently toured Japan and very shortly hit the USA and Canada with one festival already lined up( and many more in the pipeline that they could not disclose). They have a real old school Doom feel with a more in the now, crisp sound. If you took Johannas out of the equation and dropped in any other singer you would have a classic metal band. The dual guitars hark back to what may be their metal influence but without the powerful singer/bassist they would be one amongst many. He gives them a real edge, a throaty, dark and graveyard howl that would scare the bejusus out of Nosferatu himself.
Tribulation Tribulation

Check this band out if your dare, if you are strong enough to fight of the demons and survive. If you do you will be as entranced as me.
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

Can you believe Paradise Lost has been with us for over 25 years? The pleasing thing for me to see was the amount of the audience who are even younger than this band been going. They may not be the biggest draw in the metal world but try telling that to the packed out crowd tonight.
The anticipation has been building as soon as Tribulation left the stage. We had chants of paradise Lost many times before they appeared. Let’s face it this Glasgow choir are getting restless.
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

As the PA goes quiet and the lights dim a huge roar shakes the walls and the side curtains part to see the guys stroll out and plug in. The cheers and chants start all over again. The band look at each other with huge smiles and get down to business with “No Hope In Sight” and that is no reflection on the next hour and a half. This is the 1st song from the latest release and also the 1st of a fair few songs on the set from “The Plague Within” but there are no complaints tonight as most would agree this is the best album they have done for a while.
It is a scorching piece of metal and the songs earn their place in the set tonight. There will always be disagreements on a set list for a band that have been around as long as Paradise but I am definitely of the view you need to include new material. I do not want to see a greatest hits tour unless that is what it is billed as.
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

As the band smash our skulls in you can look on and admire a band in their prime and after this amount of time this is no mean feat. They have seen many, many bands fall by the wayside during their tenure and when you see them on that stage, tight as a hipsters trousers and twice as bulgier you realise how talented they are as musicians. It is no luck that has gotten them to this point in their career.
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

Pretty much all my favourites were included tonight and the new songs may not have had the crowd singing along like the classics but the strength of them meant nobody was disappointed. I did not see one unhappy face leaving the venue tonight. My only criticism was when it comes to the encore these should all be the essentials, leave the new tracks for the main set. They may very well build themselves onto this list but I felt a trick was missed to just send us all to heaven and beyond but that is just my preference.
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost

Paradise are just as vital as they were when they hit the scene. They are still producing the goods live and in the studio so we can expect them to continue till they drop and I for one will raise a glass to that. I look forward to many more live shows and maybe as soon as the festival season? Very few bands have this type of longevity and to do it you need to 1 be good and 2 keep the fans happy and as I travelled home after this show I decided they have no issues on either point. Metal Gods and Legends without a doubt.
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