The Mega Metal Diary of Cleo Howard 1998 by Sarah Tipper

Publisher: FastPoint Publishing
Pages:         234
Rating:        4/5
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[BOOK REVIEW] The Mega Metal Diary of Cleo Howard 1998The title of this book is a very good indication of what the book is all about; the 16 year old main character Cleo, who absolutely loves heavy metal!

Besides Cleo’s undying love for music and her dream to one day play bass guitar in a band, she has to deal with her studies for her GCSE’s, a very moody mother, narrow minded teachers and all the troubles that come with falling in love.

Luckily for Cleo, she has the support of her close friends Ian and Jenni, with whom she can share her dreams with. If you would like to know, how Cleo’s story ends and if she really managed to learn to play bass guitar and see Black Sabbath and Slayer live, I would advise you the buy the book and find out for yourself, as this is one review where I don’t want to give too much away.

After only reading a few pages, I was totally able to connect with Cleo, as I myself have encountered many similar situations.

It’s not easy for a teenage girl to stand her ground in a world, where everybody is obsessed with the general ‘Pop Culture’ and I am sure, every alternative individual has encountered many situations of the same kind and will instantly connect with the main character and her friends.

This book, written in classical diary style, is a day to day account of Cleo’s life. It’s a very entertaining story with lots of funny and easy recognizable situations, which we all have encountered in our own teenage years.

The author Sarah Tipper was able to create a very personal insight into the life of a teenager, who loves metal music, which is not surprising, as the writer is a big fan of metal music herself. Being teased herself for wearing t-shirts of metal bands, Cleo’s story becomes even more believable.

This book is the perfect read for anybody who loves metal music, and I sincerely hope that Sarah will continue to write!

Review by Claudia Bauch