The Physicists – My Love Is Dead

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: 2015
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the physicists

Band Line-up

MC Omega zero: Guitar, vocals, loops
E.Sulphur: Drums
Pidermite Underground: Guitar


1. Sundae
2. Travel Song
3. Wayne Newton Hullabaloo
4. Alcohol
5. Girls of H&M
6. Being Normal
7. Babylon
8. Call of the Underworld
9. White Wine
10. Fucked
11. Sundae (XMP Mix)
12. Babylon (XMP Mix)
13. Fucked (Educational Mode)


The Physicists have become known for their live performances and being strongly opposed to adhering any form of routine. The new album My Love Is Dead represents four years of intense labour from the ever changing community within their line up.

Opening with ‘Sundae’, the band unfold gradually with slow drums and ghastly clear vocals, that eventually move into a heavier terrain towards as industrial metal sounding guitars come into the fold.

‘Travel Song’ follows up with electronic beats and eerie vocals that jump between into obscure sounding instrumentation. The impressive vocal range shifts between clean sounding choruses and a grittier sounding tone.

Personal favourite, ‘Alcohol’ slides in with consistent electro beats and dualistic vocals. The industrial beeps bounce back and forth as the guitars bring everything into focus. The track transitions between a strong head banging level of energy and just the right amount of electronic interjections, making it instantly accessible.

Meanwhile, ‘Babylon’ comes with a more predominant guitar presence and serves as the band’s closest sounding rock anthem. Thankfully they never lose their versatility in the face of their sonic prowess as their infectious noise will keep fans coming back to again and again.

Another milestone in the record is in ‘White Wine’. Fully corrosive in its blend of electronic experimentation and angry guitar stomp, as the band seemingly pull together way more influences than they should and somehow make them work.
The Physicists are a band whose avantgarde tendencies shine through in the impressive production of this record. What they present is a piece of music that can chop and change between styles with ease and at the same time remain wholly consistent. Their sound may be a little too erratic for some listeners, but it is their ability to throw so many musical elements into the melting pot that will win over metal and industrial fans alike. Great stuff!

Review by Ben Spencer