Demons of Old Metal “Dominion”

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Independent
Released: 2015
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rsz_pic_2(1)Band Line-up:

Vocal / Guitar Demon – Tombstone Cowboy
Bass Demon – Baby Face Stephens
Rhythm Guitar Demon – Psycho Wing
Drum Demon – Dr Doom
Tech Demon – Digital Death


1. Domintroduction
2. Fakeskin
3. You Version 2.0
4. Dance of the Damned
5. Open wide and Scream
6. The Quiet Ones
7. Grind
8. Behind the Mask
9. The Star of your Nightmare
10. See How They Die
11. Get Outa Dodge


Demons of Old Metal was formed in 2010, they consist of four veterans of the UK metal scene. They have one mission – to bring back classic metal. They also do this while wearing masks and costumes with a tongue in cheek attitude, I saw them earlier this year supporting Evil Scarecrow in Exeter. It was an interesting show with some catchy tunes, so I am intrigued to hear the album.

Firstly you can’t take Demons of Old Metal seriously; they are not that sort of band. Think in the same vein as Evil Scarecrow and Steel Panther.Tombstone Cowboy sings with punkish vocals that will have an audience singing along. “Domintroduction” is the obligatory intro track that gets used a lot currently; “Fakeskin” erupts with a Slipknot style that will have you nodding along. The guitar work by Psycho Wing is superb, proving that the band have some skills. “Your Version 2.0” is the first of many songs to use samples and crushing rhythms throughout, however it is one of the strongest songs on the album.

“Dance of The Damned” has slow chunky beats from Dr Doom that carry the song along. Unfortunately I was hoping for an epic mid-section or something to break the song up, however it didn’t happen. Another intro sample and some spoken word leads us into “Open wide and Scream” which is a song of multiple sections, as Tombstone Cowboy screams at me “I scream you, you scream, everybody screams” and I’m reminded of Wednesday 13. “The Quiet Ones” is a chance for Baby Face Stephens to flex his bass a little with the company of guitar riffs, that have a 90s old skool edge. Amongst these songs there are some definite Pantera influences, like “Grind” is another all-out balls to the wall metal fest.

The later part of the album starts with “Behind the Mask”, which has a quirky little chorus moment. This is then smashed out of the park by yet another sublime guitar solo, it cries for a guitar solo battle to go in there somewhere. Keyboard/synth playing of Digital Death, leads us into another moment of screaming and dynamic guitar playing. “See How They Die” and “Get Outa Dodge” close out this venomous album, that spits out cries and screams mixed with crushing guitars and drums.

If you like metal is the vein of Slipknot and killer guitar licks you will enjoy this album from start to finish. It blasts out some wicked beats, catchy tunes and leaves you with a smile on your face. It was a pleasant ride through the Demons of Old Metals world; it has some epic guitar playing that I can’t praise enough. This made the album for me, without it you be left with a pretty generic metal album. There is plenty to progress from on this album; therefore I have high hope for these guys.

Review by Joanna Wilson