Istapp – Frostbiten

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Trollzorn Records
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Released: 2015
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Istapp1Band line-up:

Fjalar – All Instruments, Clean Vocals
Isar – Lead Vocals


1. Apep
2. Frostbiten
3. Kall(elsen)
4. Skoll
5. Primum Frigidum
6. Polcirkelns Herre
7. Fimbulvinter
8. Ma Det Aldrig Toa
9. Vinterland
10. Vit Makt


I love the winter. Mostly because I was born in December and I’ve always found autumn and winter great examples of beauty through death and destruction. And one newly discovered melodic-death metal outfit from Sweden, the home of such amazing sound, has given me all the more reason to worship this beautiful time of year.

Istapp come to us with their second album FROSTBITEN, and I’m sure you can tell what the theme is even if you don’t speak their language. This release had all the right drums and guitars to make me think of classics by Carcass and has backing vocals capable of pleasing any European folk metal heads who like to see crossovers in any shape of form.

Imagine taking themes of Immortal and then crossing them with the sounds and styles of Kataklysm and Gormathon, and this is the album you’d come back with. As well as wintry themes there’s the odd bawdy drinking song which I’m guessing is the band seeing in the new year and celebrating all there is to celebrate in their homeland.

A wonderful blend of shredding and fun blast beats make up the most of this excellent journey into the world of Swedish death metal. ‘Skoll’ to you my friends for giving us a great soundtrack to listen to whilst trudging through the snowy, frostbitten woods of our homelands.

Review by Demitri Levantis