Minority Sound – Drowner’s Dance

Band Name: Minority Sound
Album Name: Drowner’s Dance
Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: MetalGate Records
Distributor/Label URL: MetalGate Records
Released: 2015
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Band Website: Minority Sound Facebook

Minority Sound Drowner's Dance
Band Line-up:

Otus – Guitar & Programming,
Gulesh – Guitar & Vocals,
Petr – Bass & Backing Vocals,
Šimon – Drums.

Track Listing:

1. Whip Him Good
2. Last Day On Earth
3. 1,000 Years
4. Epidemic Of Hystery
5. Freezin’ Oceans
6. Generation Z
7. Hate Calculation
8. Drowner’s Dance
9. First Day On Earth
10. Come Hell


What do you get if you crossed FEAR FACTORY circa “Mechanized” with early STATIC-X and the electronica fun of CELLDWELLER? Meet MINORITY SOUND with their latest album “Drowner’s Dance”. And if you take but one thing away from this album, then it must be the sheer sense of fun it beholds.

There’s a fine line to be tread when mixing electronic and metal, wherein the two need to be balanced. Too much of one and not enough of the other is off-putting to some, whilst too much technicality in either can lead to an incoherent cacophony of noise. Fortunately for MINORITY SOUND, they have struck a decent enough balance: tracks like “Hate Calculation” and “Epidemic Of Hystery” demonstrate the aggression of Burton C. Bell and his merry bunch, with the simplicity of the late STATIC-X and enough of the electronic gymnastics of CELLDWELLER. Yet it’s in “Last Day On Earth” and “Come Hell” where this all culminates into a glorious mix. The two attain a near-cinematic quality – grand, opulent and exciting, with synthesised strings and electronics bubbling away whilst the riffs crash around.

A modern, yet balanced production helps where everything is clear and punchy. It makes for a joyful listen and the constant bubbling electronics, tightly woven into the metallic fibres of each track, injects a vibrant element of fun. You want to move to this album – the “dance” half of “Drowner’s Dance” seemingly rather apt.

Review by: Lee Carter