Missa Mortvm – Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis

Rating: 3.0
Distributor/label: Satanath Records
Released: 2015

Missa Mortvm 500x500

Band line-up:

Nebiros Sad – All instruments
AJ. – Bass


1. Cantos Profanos
2. Oh Bene Subtritus…
3. Caos Nocturno
4. Amissa Anima
5. Ire Viam de Lumine


Formed in Chile four years ago, Missa Mortvm has just released their very first debut, a full length album entitled “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis”. With just a duo of musicians, the album is well layered, leading to a full sound that shows that Missa Mortvm may develop into a force to be reckoned with.

A tribal drumming with guttural chanting starts off the album on the aptly named “Cantos Profanos”, giving everything a ritualistic feel before a detonation of black metal guitars kick in, along with enough blast beats to launch a small rocket. Beautiful melodic sections give the song life, with soaring solos that are almost searing in their intensity. The raspy vocals do suit the music well, but can become very one dimensional, with very little variation in pitch, tone, or intensity throughout the album. “Oh Bene Subtritus…” is the shortest song, although is still over six minutes long, and is about as groovy as black metal gets, with a hammering bass melody that would likely make the song an absolute killer to see live. “Caos Nocturno” on the other hand sees the tempo get taken down a notch, allowing the two musicians to show-case their musical prowess a bit more distinctly. Ending off the song with more ritualistic-like effects, this helps to draw a common thread through the various songs, bringing them together into a complete album. “Amissa Anima” takes on a darker and more evil undertow, although this effect is ruined by the dampened mixing of the song; the volume of the guitar and drums unfortunately takes a sudden nose-dive here that muffle the power of what could have been a powerful song. The final song, “Ire Viam de Lumine”, brings back some of the chanting seen in the first song, although this is countered by the fast pace that takes the listener on a swirling whirlwind of a journey.

The recording quality is a bit fuzzy, but then again, this does lend the album a more organic feel, and as mentioned, the drop in volume on the penultimate song also ruined the album somewhat. Nevertheless, as a debut, “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” shows a lot of potential, and it will be interesting to see how Missa Mortvm progresses in the future.

Review by Erika Kuenstler