NXY – Home

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Agonia Records
Distributor/label URL: https://www.agoniarecords.com
Released: 2015
Buy album URL: http://agoniarecords.bandcamp.com/albums/home
Band Website: https://nyxnyxnyx.bandcamp.com

Band line up:

Blitz – Drums and Vocals
Vinterbarn – Guitars/Vocals

Track listing:

1. Beyond
2. Chaos Pt. 20 – Black Isle
3. Chaos Pt. 38 – Metastases
4. Prelude
5. S.ave O.ur S.ouls
6. Deep
7. Going On
8. Home
9. Swallowed Screaming


Home is the debut album by female fronted, German black metal project NYX. This concept album, recorded at Blackout Studio by Enthroned bassist Phorgath, is an exploration of the aspiring soul through musical structure and voice.

First track ‘Beyond’ demonstrates almost right away what NYX are about. Instantly fast drumming, dissonant chords and some fantastic vocals. I usually wince when I hear the words ‘female fronted metal’ but the vocals are impressive and well suited to the aesthetic. There’s a mixture of clean singing and growls in a distorted, twisted array and some eerie harmonisations that add an usual but distinctive touch. ‘Chaos Pt. 20 – Black Isle’ with its whispered and tortured introduction keeps up the pace however there does not seem to be as much musical development despite a slightly more interesting guitar part. Third track ‘Chaos Pt. 38 – Metastases’ is fun. More variation in the drums which is evident from the beginning, creating bouncy rhythms to accompany some catchy vocal lines. So far there’s been barely anything from the bass which seems to be holding the bottom end steady rather than having its own distinguished part. The otherworldly feel of ‘Prelude’ is different with its atmospheric and haunting array of sounds and uneasy textures before ‘S.ave O.ur S.ouls’ takes us back to the faster paced, where the structure and instrumentation feels more developed and therefore holds more interest. ‘Deep’ once again creates some unusual atmosphere with haunting, harmonised vocals, agonising screams and fast riffs. ‘Going On’ continues to throw in some catchy riffs before the folk-like introduction to ‘Home’ expands into a chord filled, atmospheric, fluctuating and upbeat track. The final track ‘Swallowed Screaming’ is a nice end to the album with acoustic instrumentation and clear vocal lines, dotted with the occasional anguished cry.

This album isn’t exactly what I imagined. The vocals are quite impressive and used to accentuate the music but it still feels fairly generic. The second half of the album contains most of the interesting ideas and developments, however like many female fronted metal bands, it feels like they pay too much attention to the vocals and do not spend enough time developing the instrumentation.

Review by Helena Byrne