Satanic Assault Division – Kill The Cross

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Black Plague Records
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Released: 2015
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106.1Band line-up:

Strid Sol –Guitars
Orch – Guitars
Lord Vold – Drums
Haxen – Vocals
Hellgarm – Bass
Tyfus – Guitars


1.Destroying the Temple of God
2. Beast
3. Defiled by Alabam
4. Kill The Cross
5. Atomic Holocaust
6. Pleasure of the Flash
7. Bar Kokhba
8. Evangelical Epidemic
9. Satanic Purification
10. Religious Cunts
11. Proselytised
12. Deus Vult
13. Rays of Poison
14. Once a Whore (The Murder Junkies cover)


Black Metal prides itself on being the most anti-religious form of music in the metal canon, but there is always going to be that niche of bands who take all the assumptions and ridiculous topics of the censors who try to shut it down, and play on them to come across as both evil and a heck of a thrill ride to listen to.

The latest discovery I’ve made in that niche is Danish group Satanic Assault Division, who have given us their latest album: KILL THE CROSS. With a name like that I was thinking of Toxic Holocaust and expected this to have a blackened thrash metal sound. And it does, but not as much as I was expecting.

The latter half of the album reminded me a lot of Nuclear Assault and their humorous rants about society, which Satanic Assault Division are very good at, but from ‘Destroying the Temple of God’ to ‘Satanic Purification’, this is a well written and beautifully lo-fi black metal album. I’d handsomely compare it to Marduk and Black Witchery. Everything is there, great tremolos, wonderful raspy screams from the vocalist and plenty of anti-religious backing sounds like choirs-esque backing vocals.

Then, things take a turn for the surreal and we get a more light hearted side, which is certainly reflected with titles like ‘Religious Cunts’ and ‘Rays of Poison’ before ending on a cover of GG Allin’s band: The Murder Junkies.

Satanic Assault division know their roots and have paid homage to the vast array of punk and classic thrash which has shaped their black metal outlook on religion and murder and sexual debauchery. A band worthy of many a listen if you like your music putrid and full of shock tactics that will make even the most liberal listener look back over their shoulder.

Review by Demitri Levantis