Tusen År Under Jord – Sorgsendömet Fobos

Rating: 4,5 / 5
Distributor/label: http://www.trollmusic.net/
Released: 2015
Buy album at: http://en.prophecy.de/shop/tusen-r-under-jord-sorgsendoemet-fobos.html
Band website: http://www.trollmusic.net/tusen-ar-under-jord.html

tusenBand line-up:

Daniel Jonsson – all instruments


1 – Sorgsendömet Fobos I
2 – Sorgsendömet Fobos II
3 – Sorgsendömet Fobos III
4 – Sorgsendömet Fobos IV
5 – Sorgsendömet Fobos V
6 – Sorgsendömet Fobos VI


Originally released two years ago, in a limited cassette version, “Sorgsendömet Fobos” will now see the light of day (no pun intended – Tusen År Under Jord is Swedish for “thousand years under the earth”) in CD format. Besides the better sound quality and longer durability a compact disc offers, the latter also comes with a previously unreleased track. But in case you’ve missed it altogether the first time, here’s what you can expect: a little more than half an hour of enthralling gloominess, brought to you in classical, orchestral melodies, embedded with variations of static noise that will give it a really retro touch – as if the cassette edition wasn’t a hint enough of how old-school Daniel Jonsson wanted to go.

“Sorgsendömet Fobos” is divided in six tracks/parts that yet manage to sound distinct from one another and yet one can recognize them as fragments of the same piece. Part III is more repetitive, as a mantra, while part VI is more exploratory; but all bits are prone to take you on an introspective journey. As far as drone and dark ambient go, Tusen År Under Jord is a name to keep in mind.

Review by Renata Lino