Chugun – Virus

Rating: 4/5
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Released: 2015
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Chugun - Virus
Chugun – Virus
Band Line-Up:

Denise Sizov – Vocals
Timur Sizov – Guitar
Alexey Saprikin – Bass
Yahel Goldshtein – Drums

Track Listing:
  1. Virus
  2. Unholy Warrior
  3. Sadistic Rules
  4. Martyr
  5. Futile
  6. Fume
  7. Fall Of Mankind
  8. Print In Blood
  9. Evil Whiskey

Virus is the recently released debut album from the Israel based band, Chugun (meaning “cast iron” in Russian). Their bio informs me that after only four shows Chugun was among the five bands selected to participate in the Wacken Metal Battle Israeli Finals. Which lets face it, already that’s got to mean a good start.

Virus is the first track and straight away the album begins with a straight forward drums stating clearly that they will be in charge for the duration of the album. Which given their focus on thrash and death metal, what else would you expect.

In fact throughout the drums are superb; fast when they need to be and even faster when it’s required, and though they do get covered up a bit by the vocals, they are definitely the driving force behind this album. But then again, that’s the delicious nature of thrash metal and I have to say that Yahel Goldshtein clearly knows this.

These are backed up throughout the album with equally well placed guitar and bass lines. They work perfectly alongside the drums, adding support to the rhythm, or floating above with a complimentary guitar riff. Again this is thrash and they clearly know their genre. There’s also some added touches throughout, like the higher tones from the guitar during the last minute of Sadistic Rites. This is slightly at odds with the rest, but it also wakes up your ear and refocuses your attention on what could be coming next. Which could just be the tasty little riff half way through Print In Blood.

Together they really drive each song forward and there is very little break throughout, aside from the occasional slight pulling back that you can hear towards the end of Martyr. For the rest of the time it is very clear to see how they made it to the Waken finals as each song is designed to pick you up and throw you around, and live this would easily produce a very active, high energy audience.

Everything works well together and it is hard to fault, except for one thing which is the one aspect of the vocals. There are two faces to these vocals, one deep, growly and threatening, and the other higher pitched, scratchy and screaming and it is the latter that I struggle to get along with. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then listen to Martyr as the screamer vocals start the track off.

This is not at all to say that no one would like to hear it and again live this would add additional balls to the proceedings, but it’s really not for me and distracted me from the rest of the elements. Having said that it suited the words ‘you’re next in line’ in Fall of Mankind perfectly as it was as threatening as the words requested.

If you like this genre and want an album that will take you on that fast moving roller coaster and keep you spinning until the very end, then I would definitely recommend this album.

Review by Rowena Lamb