Vederkast – Northern Gothic

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Indie Distribution/Vederkast Music
Released: 2015
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Pic (1)Band line-up: 

Paul Aronsen – Vocals and bass
Finn Fodstad – Guitar and backing vocals
Sindre Bakland – Guitar
Magnus Tornensis – Drums



1 – ‘Skirmish’
2 – ‘The View’
3 – ‘Malison’
4 – ‘My Burden’
5 – ‘Leave Them Behind’
6 – ‘Into the Unknown’
7 – ‘Forget Me Not’
8 – ‘Meliora’
9 – ‘Remain’


From Tromsø, Norway, high above the Artic Circle, come Vederkast, an amalgamation of the musical backgrounds of its founders. The band create melodic, storytelling songs that draw upon the myths and nature of the land they live in. Formed in 2014, Paul Aronsen (Vocals & Bass), Finn Fodstad (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Sindre Bakland (Guitar) and Magnus Tornensis (Drums) draw from their experience in a diverse set of former bands: Stoner, Metal, Hardcore & Pop, creating an unusual mix of styles and creative edge.

The name Vederkast refers to a Northern Norwegian Myth, a curse from the creatures of the underworld upon the innocent, illustrating their music with heavy riffs, punishing drumming and a polished performance. The songs are all in English, and there is something quite comforting about the vocal deliver style, its rich in tone and has a wide range to enthrall the listener throughout.

‘Skirmish’ launches the album with a battle of guitar verses drum beat, impassioned vocals inspire you to keep listening, but the rise and fall within the song, the changes of tempo and the variation are the things that make this song so interesting from start to finish. Compulsive listening, ‘The View’ is mesmerising, addictive and distinctive, with a delightful instrumental section, showcasing the musicianship of the band to great effect. With a dramatic urgency, ‘Malison’ races along with a feverish pace at times, gentle and calming at others. Weighed down by emotion and fuelled by hypnotic rhythms ‘My Burden’ has a haunting quality, while pounding out it’s tale with the help of violins.

‘Leave Them Behind’ powers through, forceful and demanding in its structure, relentless and gripping while ‘Into the Unknown’ is understated and absorbing. ‘Forget Me Not’ utilises strange effects on the vocals that works really well and contrasts well with the chorus, giving it more impact while the drum beat has an almost tribal quality. ‘Meliora’ delivers a passionate but melancholy tune that again sounds like it includes violins within the arrangement. Closing track ‘Remain’ is the longest track on the album, grinding out the riffs but it’s a little over long and becomes a little tedious towards the end sadly.

For a debut album this is quite accomplished, it’s hard to fit it into one specific genre, but it definitely rocks. It’s not perfect but it is ambitious, well-crafted and very listenable. It is different and shows great potential for the future.

Review by Lisa Nash