Evil Scarecrow @ The Junction, Plymouth

6th November 2015
Review by Joanna Wilson

Evil Scarecrow @ Junction Plymouth

Only a week ago Evil Scarecrow did two mighty shows in London with Wednesday 13 (I did have the pleasure of seeing the first night), now they have started out on their first headline tour. Commencing in Cardiff yesterday; this evening they play their debut show here in Plymouth at the Junction, supported by local bands Six Sin Til Sunday and Manipulated.

After a planned delay in tonight’s start Six Sins Till Sunday take to the stage, with the Junction’s crowd gathered and in the mood for some metal. The energy in the Junction is electric with fists pumping in the air as singer Chris Newman encourages the crowd join in during “Death Note”. Six Sins Till Sunday have a real power here this evening with grinding guitars from Pete Dayn and Colin Jones during “Darkness Sorrow”, an element of doom flows through the set with Andy Westwood’s bass and Paul Avis’s drumming. Their set is a quality mix of metal/doom with some old skool influences that gets you banging your head, I totally enjoyed it.

Next up is Manipulated who open with “Thing of Death”, their set is bogged down with a muddy sound. However the crowd till enjoy the set, with Synn Unsworth’s vocals roaring over his and Christopher Moss’ lead guitar. Their self-titled album has released earlier this year, which has a heavy thrash metal vibe. It’s a shame that sound is just not sorted out and their set is a disappointment to me, maybe next time boys.

The main attraction of tonight’s show is Nottingham’s Evil Scarecrow, who are welcomed by an ecstatic crowd. With Princess Luxury and Brother Dimitri Pain missing this tour due to taking care of their new baby, we are joined by two new members on the stage. Chucky the Bastard taking over keyboard duties and Meister Klaus Von Unterschlafen on guitar, both seem to fit into the band very well. Chucky the Bastard has been practicing hard we are told and he does a fine job tonight, with
the intro playing the rest of the band lead by Dr Evil gather on to the Junction’s tiny stage.

If you’ve never been to an Evil Scarecrow show; crowd participation is part of the fun. Opening with “Rise”, horns are raised and the fun begins. Continuing into “Vamprye Trousers”, Dr Evil controls the shows with ease and totally enjoys the experience. We are introduced to Meister Klaus Von Unterschlafenon who towers over the crowd in his top hat, with a wide cheeky/scary makeup smile he plays like he has always been in the band. We are welcomed to get our swing on with
“Waltz of the Cyclops”, that has many grown men taking their partner by the hands and dancing.

The crowd tonight are electric, they are practically on the stage singing and shouting with the band. Dr Evil chats to us about how much he is enjoying the show and one of three songs they recently wrote. Yesterday’s show in Cardiff they wrote an intense 30 second song called “Sheep” (that being its only lyric lol) then everyone gets emotional as we sing along to “Blackened”

No Evil Scarecrow show is complete without guitarist Kraven Morrdeth doing his usual march around the crowd which is impressive given how small the venue, he is only out done by fellow crowd invader Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist. How he manages to climb over the PA system and surf with a drum is very impressive. “Robototron” is an absolute blast with everyone making their very own perfect square (check out YouTube if you don’t know what I’m talking about), then it’s the zero G dancing for “Space Dementia”. Every time I see Evil Scarecrow it gets more fun with silly dances and moves, I can’t wait to see what they come up with on the next album.

As the evening is drawing to a close, the crowd begs for more with chants and screams. Evil Scarecrow do not disappoint with fan favourite “Crabulon”, to which the Junction gets scuttling left and right. Tonight’s final song is “Galacticus”, which leaves the crowd and band feeling overwhelmed and joyous. On this Friday night in Plymouth Evil Scarecrow has been a rip roaring success, with sweat dripping from the walls and beer on the floor.

  1. Rise
  2. Vampyre Trousers
  3. Dance of The Cyclops
  4. Blackened They Everything
  5. Morbid Witch
  6. Robototron
  7. Space Demencia
  8. War and Seek
  9. Crabulon
  10. Galacticus