9th November 2015
Review by Pete Mutant

On a stormy night in Glasgow, with the fear of Hurricane ‘Bawbag’ part deux looming over the city the fans rolled into the snug safety that the Audio provides, awaiting a storm of blazing rock the likes that we rarely get an opportunity to see. A welcome bit of shelter on a blustery Autumn eve, the Audio housed a near capacity crowd with fans young and old coming together to celebrate some of modern day rock music’s loudest and most diverse acts.


Glasgow would be the fifth stop on the road for this grand European tour and the second UK date after the bands entertained the Manchester crowd the night before. The crowd began to slowly trickle in as the stage was set awaiting the first sample of music of the night provided by Virginian based Satan’s Satyrs.

Satan’s Satyrs [3/5] played with an intense energy, exhibiting some tight aggression but mixed with the slightly off vocal style from frontman and bassist Clayton Burgess. I personally don’t understand his decision to change his vocal style from their first album but it still worked in a more indifferent, fail of a Burke Shelley attempt sort of way (If that makes sense).

It didn’t really matter as the music was near deafening and the band were alive and fully animated. The drummer Stephen Fairfield gave an electric performance that would could easily be likened to that of Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor -may he rest in peace. The band played a balanced mix of old and new with ‘Instruments of Hellfire’ flowing into ‘Germanium Bomb’ then ‘You Know’ which powered us to the last song of the set, ‘Alucard’, off their first album. It was a high energy start to the night. Satan’s Satyrs got the ball not only rolling but marauding out of control with a vicious fury before Horisont graced the Glasgow crowd once again with another interstellar performance.

  1. N/A
  2. N/A
  3. Instruments of Hellfire
  4. Germanium Bomb
  5. You Know
  6. Alucard
RATING: 4.5/5

Horisont played at Glasgow last year with the ‘Creatures Of The North’ tour and were welcomed back by an ever increasing crowd with some of the stalwarts still feeling the after effects of the first act never mind the ever increasing alcohol intake. Last year Horisont hadn’t released Odyssey and the title track of their latest album is what they opened with. A highly surreal and flamboyant song that rolls out with an electric folk section that you can’t help but bounce along with.

The Iron Maiden-esque duelling and harmonising guitars were out in force throughout the set as Horisont turned heads, raised eyebrows and got the crowd moving with unbridled flair. Their set comprised of some of their singles mixed in with a couple of new additions from Odyssey. Being a quintet there wasn’t too much room for manoeuvring but they had no lack in presence as they brought their set to an end with ‘Bad News’. The term ‘Electric Dynamite’ comes to mind when looking back, a saying overloaded with cheese which some may attribute to a band such as Horisont but in actuality they are a passionate band that write some exceedingly dynamic music with a plethora of talent and ability.

A highlight of the evening and maybe not so deserving of their second billing it was a highly enjoyable point in the night so far. as we reached the halfway point of the night’s performances.

  1. Odyssey
  2. Light My Way
  3. Break The Limit
  4. Night Stalker
  5. Bad News

The penultimate band of the evening was California based bruisers The Shrine [4.5/5] who kicked things off with ‘Tripping Corpse’ which was one of the songs I was most looking forward to seeing live, just the mere mention of “Acid Casualty” put me in stitches and was a great way to announce their set on the night. Another three piece group, The Shrine pulsated through at a traumatic pace one which would give early Motorhead a run for their money. Their drummer Jeff Murray could barely contain himself on his stool and looked as if he was seconds away from launching off into orbit as he pounded through some highly intoxicating unadulterated rock.

Vocalist and lead guitarist Josh Landau was captivating to watch as he shredded some intense solos pulling that Jimi Hendrix orgasmic facial expression all the way through. The Shrine were impressive, more so than I had foreseen and as they reigned down upon Glasgow the crowd cheered as each song passed with ever increasing spirit and energy. It was the point where the most headbanging was applied throughout the evening and the band couldn’t help but remind us about the apparent need for a helmet as they played ‘Coming Down Quick’. Josh’s invitation to go smoke weed with his mother in California was a funny addition to the set as he was not shy to interact with the crowd and kept us on our toes.

Again they have recently brought out a new album and let the Glasgow crowd get a fair serving from it, which was just a treat stacked upon treats as they entertained beyond the call of duty before the final act of the evening drew close and Kadavar were set to take the stage.

  1. Tripping Corpse
  2. The Vulture
  3. Worship
  4. Coming Down Quick
  5. On The Grind
  6. Nothing Forever
  7. N/A

It took a bit longer for Kadavar [4/5] to get set up but once they got going and their stage was set, the illuminating triangle brightened the venue and no one there could have complained. Kadavar opened with ‘Lord Of The Sky’ one of the singles released from their latest album ‘Berlin’ which was a fine choice to get the movement instilled in the crowd again. The opening proceedings were dominated by some of their latest offerings and the audience was highly receptive. Heads were moving and bodies were in full motion as the band cruised through their set, bringing some of their highly atmospheric songs in to the mix. Kadavar barely took a moment to breathe as they blazed through their set.

There wasn’t much interaction with the crowd as they let their music do the talking but the crowd didn’t seem to mind and as each track commenced great roars of approval could be heard all the way to the Barras as the wind blew our sense of adoration throughout the Glasgow city centre. There was a near full rendition of their first self titled album played throughout, with five of the six songs played at separate intervals during the performance. The live sound gave an added edge which the production on their albums lacked. The sound was larger and at a completely other level in heaviness which was perfect for the night and exactly what you would want to hear on such a blistering evening.

The band did take a second or two for respite before they came back on stage for the encore which started with ‘All Our Thoughts’ before they ended the night with ‘Come Back Life’, one of their singles from their second album ‘Abra Kadavar’. All in all we were treated to around an hour and twenty minutes from the Germanic trio from Berlin and it was an excellent set which would be hard to pick holes in. Of course the crowd wanted more but that was enough for one night with assurances of more visits in the future from this dynamic group of musicians.

  1. Lord Of The Sky
  2. Pale Blue Eyes
  3. Stolen Dreams
  4. Doomsday Machine
  5. Black Sun
  6. The Old Man
  7. Living In Your Head
  8. Into The Night
  9. Goddess Of Dawn
  10. Forgotten Past
  11. Thousand Miles Away


Pt 1. All Our Thoughts
Pt 2. Come Back Life

A fine gig in an excellent venue with many a happy customer on the night. There was a great feeling of adulation for the music that was on offer from all bands which was a pleasure to be a part of. The thought of the bands having to replicate this performance for so many consecutive nights on the tour is a daunting concept but these are the types of bands that can pull it off with minimal fuss and massive effect.

As the wind blew and the rain poured, the hearts and minds of the Glasgow crowd said their farewells for now, awaiting the return of these acolytes of the resurging rock genre to come back once again to thrill and astound in a time hopefully not too distant in the future.