Featuring members of CRYPTOPSY (Flo Mounier) and INTO ETERNITY (Justin Bender), DIGITAL DOOMZDAY are a hybrid of the Cryptopsy-invented Northern Hyperblast sound, mixed with straight-up death metal, thrash, punch-in-the-throat rock, and undergound gangsta rap-like rhymes. 



From parts unknown, DIGITAL DOOMZDAY – the grind-rhyme kings, manipulate a wide variety of musical awesomeness intended to make your mom cry and your dad puke. Re-engineered and deployed in 2010 with the sole purpose of breaking the Matrix to form an anti-brainwashing resistance.
Allies and co-conspirators include Cryptopsy, Into Eternity, Third Ion, Planet Eater and Army of the Pharaohs. Suspected collaborators: Flo Mounier, Troy Bleich, Justin Bender, Saint I Ain’t. Surveillance has also indicated the presence of an entity known as ‘Apathy’.
The first documented account was sonically delivered in 2011 under the title of ‘Armageddon Legends’. This information was a well kept secret until now, but due to these dire times has been de-classified along with the 2015 leaked top secret files in ‘Breed Em And Weep’.
Full disclosure to the masses – November 21, 2015.
Mission Statement
“This is Mad Max meets Mario Kart – we blast raps that blow stereos apart. We’re Suffocation fans that think rap-metal sucks, so we’re reinventing the style, turning the past into dust. This ain’t no wigger shit, with average musicians – we stand over bodies, smiling like twisted morticians. We murder the Gods ’til it’s pointless to pray – So buckle up suckas, this is Digital Doomzday.”

Raps/Death Vocals – Saint I Ain’t
Bass/Death Vocals – Troy Bleich
Guitar/Vocals – Justin Bender
Drums – Flo Mounier


1. Underworld Famous
2. Dark Waters 04:26
3. It’s the Rot that Counts
4. Burt Reynolds
5. Rule the World feat. Apathy
6. Blunt Force Drama
7. Laying in Leaves
8. Satanic Panic
9. Jihad Me at Hello
10. Angel of Death Watches Channel Zero 04:17

Focus Tracks

1. Underworld Famous
4. Burt Reynolds
10. Angel Of Death Watches Channel Zero (Slayer cover)

Drums Recorded and Edited by Chris Donaldson at The Grid, Montreal
Everything else recorded by Justin Bender at Retrosleep, Regina SK
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Bender
Guitars and Vocals in Dark Waters by Rob Doherty
Keys and samples by Justin Bender
Keys in Satanic Panic by Mike Young
Apathy appears courtesy of Dirty Version Records