The early 90s saw some exciting innovations within extreme music, and Toronto’s Soulstorm were at the forefront of some genre-defining/defying times. 



Band mainman, Nick Sagias, having disbanded his critically acclaimed band Overthrow – as well as honing his chops within the ranks of the mighty Pestilence – threw caution to the wind and helped pioneer a musical movement that fused death metal with industrial overtones, sounding like a cross between Ministry, Swans, Godflesh, Celtic Frost and Obituary.
Over the years, Soulstorm has had many successes, which included a lucrative record deal with Metal Blade Records/Music For Nations for their ’92 effort ‘Darkness Visible’. The band showed no signs of slowing down, sharing the stage with the likes of Entombed, KMFDM, Cannibal Corpse, Grave, Suffocation, Clutch, Statix X, Cancer, Massacre, and a coveted spot on the 1993 edition of the venerable Milwaukee Metalfest.
After several years of successful and exciting releases, Soulstorm have returned with Devils Music (Part 1), a precursor to their forthcoming all originals full-length, paying tribute to many of the bands that have influenced them through the course of their storied career, bands such as the above-mentioned Celtic Frost, Godflesh, Swans, Ministry, Paradise Lost and many more.


1. Return To The Eve (Celtic Frost)
2. Cold World (Godflesh)
3. Eternal (Paradise Lost)
4. Stay Here (Swans)
5. Yu Gung (Einstuerzende Neubauten)
6. Breathe (Ministry)
7. Inflammator (Pitchshifter)
8. Primal (2015)
9. Nothingness (Dub)
10. Endless Human Failure (Dub)
11. Stranglehold (Dub)
12. Pulp (Bonus Track)
13. Stranglehold (Erosion Cycle Noise Mix – Bonus Track)

Focus Tracks
1. Return To The Eve (Celtic Frost)
3. Eternal (Paradise Lost)


Nick Sagias – Bass/Vocals
Ryan Hawes – Guitar
Kevin Dewilde – Guitar
Patrick Harquail – Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Steve Waller and Nick Sagias at Corpselaborytorium