Manticore and Ritual Slaughter
 – Depraved Sacraments

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Tridroid Records/Bleak Bone Mortualia
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Released: 2015
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Manticore –
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Depraved Sacraments

Band Line Up:

Ritual Slaughter


1. Manticore – Black Sheep Amongst the Wolves
2. Ritual Slaughter – Sworn To Profanation
3. Ritual Slaughter – Demonic Conversions



Depraved Sacraments is the satanic split release by American black/death metal bands, long established Manticore and the newly formed Ritual Slaughter. This is a heavy and aggressive release that certainly screams for your attention.

Manticore’s ‘Sheep Amongst the Wolves’ is a doom-laden, riff-filled, seven minute dirge. From the outset relentlessly pounding percussion and riffs take hold, slowly crushing their way towards faster paced sections and a vicious vocal delivery. The variation between the furious and frantic blasting and the weight of the slower doom passages are kept together fluidly by the guitar work and use of some unusual textures.

Ritual Slaughter’s contribution to this split is ferocious. First track ’Sworn To Profanation’ is instantly overloaded with riffs and insanity before breaking down into a brief, doomy section that has an old school death feel about it, lasting all of five minutes before the speed is back. The second track ‘Demonic Conversions’ doesn’t let up either. Its vicious attack is just as strong in intensity, full of blast beats, rapid guitar riffs and menacing vocals creating a heavy and dense wall of sound. It is this kind of continuous energy and uncompromising vocal lines that could lead to total destruction in a pit.

Review by Helena Byrne