Nachtlieder – The Female Of The Species

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: I, Voidhanger Records
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Released: 2015
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The Female Of The Species

Band Line Up:

Dagny Susanne – All instrumentation and composition.
Martrum – Drums.


1.Malice, Come Closer
4.Lonely Mortal
6.Silence and Devastation
7.Cimmerian Child
8.The Female of the Species


‘The Female Of The Species’ is the second album by Swedish one-woman black metal project Nachtlieder. Accentuated and propelled by the drumming of Martrum, this aggressive release sees Dagny Susanne’s compositions develop into some stark, uneasy and atmospheric rage.

‘Malice, Come Closer’ initiates the album with fast riffs, intense drumming and vocals to match. This onslaught is offset by a slight atmospheric feel in the guitars that add a fluidity to the sections, with Dagny Susanne’s aggressive vocal delivery piercing through. ‘Nightfall’ develops this further with more varied tempo changes and complexity in the guitar work before the doomy introduction of the third track ‘Fatale’ picks up the pace and anger.

Rapid riffs, chords and drumming underlay the vocals building the intensity and fury into ‘Lonely Mortal’ until ’Eve’ slows into drudging chords with a more atmospheric feel. The intensity rises for ‘Silence and Devastation’ which is overtaken by fierce riffs interspersed with the occasional catchy doom inspired passage. ‘Cimmerian Child’ returns to the more aggressive nature with some unusual textures and rhythms accentuated by the vocals until the title track ‘The Female of the Species’ closes the album.

Nachtlieder have produced an interesting release. While the vocals feel fairly one-dimensional they compliment the album’s intended minimalism and express the rage of the compositions. The drumming performed by Martrum is a consistent driving force and adds the complexity to the more minimalistic elements that encapsulate the aggression and intensity of this album. Definitely worth a listen…

Review by Helena Byrne
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