Lurid Memory – Dematerializing

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Funeral Noise Records
Released: 2015

LURID MEMORY - Dematerializing

Band Line-up:

Oscar Padilla (Guitars/Vocals)
Aaron Ashby (Drums)
Glenn Davis (Guitars)
Chris Boodhoo (Bass)

1. Whispers in the Dark
2. Fantasy of the Terminal Moment
3. Pangea
4. I Too…
5. Dematerialized

Progressive Death Metal masters Lurid Memory reign from San Diego, CA, USA and formed in Chula Vista in 2010 by Oscar Padilla. Lurid Memory may seem new to the metal scene, however this is not true as current and past members of the mighty Gortuary make up this brutal ensemble. There latest EP – Dematerialized was realised on the September 18th through Funeral Noise Records.

Featuring cover art by Spanish illustrator Raul Gonzalez (Morbus Chron, Skinfather, Deceased), Dematerializingwas produced by Edward Tolarda (Disgorge) at DHQ in San Diego, CA. This E.P. also included special guest appearance by Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation / Murder Construct)

First in the album we have Track1- Whispers in the Dark has an eerie haunting starting, with demonic vocals and the cries of almost church bells in the distance which definitely sets the tone to begin the album. Next come in the guitars which throw you off with some tasty riffs to draw you in along with the intertwining drum rhythm, and once again the vocals are distinct and soul crushing. The song then brings a very twisting yet compelling guitar solo which leads onto an assault of very catchy grim vocals with quicker tempo which pulls you in even further until the guitar slows you down. Then wham it happens all over again which is quite enjoyable on the ears and shows the masterful technique of progressive metal. Overall you’re not sure where this songs going to end up but is very pleasing to the ears and typical of the genre, with an ending leaving you wanting more…

There’s no easing you into track 2- Fantasy of the Terminal Moment, as it starts of by throwing you into the pulsing aggressive rhythm, personally I like a song that starts like this as it gets you right where you want to be quick, fast and brutally. The melody is mesmerising and catchy which is refreshing and nice to see something different from the typical in progressive metal. Again this can be seen in the beastly vocals which have a different twist which completely adds to the overall ruthless feeling created by the song, which then slows down towards the end in a spine tingling pleasant manner.

Now I need to mention track 3 – Pangea, it almost feels like it starts where track 2 left off, soft melodic guitars which is I feel gives a completely different feeling compared to the last track adding in and showing a nice variation of skill. This song is a cold and haunting, yet mesmerising song that draws you in and transports you to completely different place to where you were before from the last track with an almost Spanish tone to it. I personally think is song could actually be a new favourite of mine as it’s unlike anything else I have herd in a long time and truly shows some serious talent and emotion.

Next we come to Track4- I Too…, Which starts with the same viscous throttling pace as track 2, but with even heavier merciless rhythm and turmoil. The faster tempo adds to the almost bliss chaos of this song giving the song a more death metal feel to it. Next the song then slows down slightly, which is similar in style to the overall feel from track 3 through the relentless guitar riffs, however it is quickly lived which is bitter sweet and pulls the whole album together in a skilful manner. This track will definitely be enjoyed by all the death and progressive metal fans out there and not to be missed off the album, as I predict this track to be a favourite off the album.

Sadly we come to the last song in the album, Track5- Dematerialized. The song has an eerie starting which changes into a progressive onslaught with the intertwining instruments, creating a lost chaos setting, which is then amped up into a brutal assault through the harsh beastly vocals. The vocals then distort in a demonic manner which adds to the already haunting feel to the song. In addition the song then goes onto a vigorous and fierce intertwining of instruments in a melodic chaotic manner, yet has a strange sense of order making it all work together incredibly well. Furthermore this chaos steals your soul and pulls you in to a mesmerised state to the point you realised you have finished the song in an abrupt stop and in sort of despair of now having to wait to hear more from Lurid Memory, well done guys you have now my full attention and am looking forward to seeing what you conjure up next.

Overall considering I had not listened to Lurid Memory before I can honestly say I am delightfully surprised. The band have the genre down to a t, knowing exactly when to change pace and tempo with the skill to bring the bar up for other bands to compare too. In addition considering there death/progressive metal gene I would still recommend any metal fan to listen to this band as they have definitely got some other influences hinting through which I feel would be enjoyed by all.

Keep it up guys and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Review by Alexis Evans