Peterborough’s masters of grind RAZOREATER, have teamed up with WOOAAAGH and Skin and Bones Records to release Vacuum of Nihil. The album is a 5 track burst of intensity that is highly recommended for fans of Nasum, Rotten Sound and Human Cull.



The album will be released on vinyl with a limited edition of 500 yellow/black marbled copies. All copies come with a Bandcamp download code.

The band have released a video trailer:


01 Nailbombed
02 I, Dreadnought
03 Bloodeagled
04 Wrath
05 Filth Scheming, Shrill Screaming

Peterborough’s RAZOREATER have a very unique sound -Combining hardcore punk, d-beat, grind and metal, the band also slow their music down to a glacier-like pace at times. This is seriously something straight out of the noisy underground with a very nihilistic feel to it..

Razoreater are a 5 piece metal/grind band from Peterborough. They formed in Oct 2011 after being in previous bands together with the hope of writing the most misanthropic, abrasive music they could. Coupled with a chaotic and passionate live show with influences such as Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Pulling Teeth, Dismember and Entombed to name a few.  
They played their first show with Hang the Bastard in March 2012 and have been doing shows, touring and bringing out releases ever since. In the short time they have been a band they’ve managed to get a lengthy amount of tours behind them, both in the UK and mainland Europe with an ever expanding list of bands such as Bastions, Oblivionized, Let It Die and Employed To Serve.

Razoreater are:
Ben Rollings – Vocals
Luke Thompson – Drums
Sam Gollings – Guitar
Sam Holmes – Bass
Stephen Pickles – Guitar