Brooklyn’s CODAS have recently released Fossils, the follow-up EP to their critically acclaimed Currents released earlier in the year. CODAS is the solo project of Mario Quintero, who is best known from his work with SLEEP LADY and SPOTLIGHTS. The EP is 3 tracks and all proceeds from sales will be donated to charity. 



The album can be streamed/purchased here:

In Mario’s own words:

“Fossils is composed of 3 songs running about 26 minutes total. It keeps to Codas chaotic yet (hopefully) entrancing mix of gritty electronics and fuzzed out guitars with persistent rhythms and droning textures.

I decided to self-release this EP and donate all proceeds from this release to music and art classrooms in low income schools across the country via  With all the negativity being shoved down our throats these days, I just wanted to do something positive for the world.

These songs are a result of the intensity and frustration that is eating at our society these days. “Fossils”, being what we will become if we continue on this course of hate and self destruction.

Hoping that people will help me make the world a better place for these kids.  Music and art are an essential part of our lives, and getting the chance to explore that while growing up is priceless.”


Mario Quintero

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