The Day of Locusts Release Debut Album on Spotify, iTunes & Deezer

Having made an impact on the London underground doom scene, The Day of Locusts have been making sound waves slowly and steadily since 2010.



The four-piece has shared the stage with bands like Samael, Solstafir, Slabdragger, Bast, Dopethrone, Eye of Solitude & Gurt to name a few.

Their debut album ‘From The Gutter To The Gods’  on When Planets Collide Records has received great reviews from various metal fanzines in the UK and in Europe so 2016 will be a very busy year for the Locusts boys.

‘Progressive Sludge Metal; raw, lo-fi prog doom/sludge madness with some excellent softer and more ambient elements throughout their new album. ‘Gotta love a band that lists Sun Ra and Pharoah as influences!’ says Prog Metal Zone.

The album is now available for download on streaming services Spotify, iTunes and Deezer.

Their single ‘Through the Eyes of Daedelus’ is free for download on their bandcamp page.

 The Day of Locusts will be playing their first show of 2016 on Friday 15 January at The Windmill, Brixton alongside bands: Limb, Sedulus and Boss Keloid.


Neil – vocals, guitars
Draper – guitars
Heinimann – bass
Guy – drums