FINAL COIL – Closed To The Light [E.P]

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
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a1848173746_10Band line-up:
Phil Stiles (Lead vocals / guitars),
Richard Awdry (Lead Guitars / Vocals)
Jola Stiles (Bass),
Tony Hughes (Drums)


1. Close to the light (intro)
2. Daylight Fades
3. Goodbye to all that
4. Closed to the light


Final Coil are a metallic grunge band located at Leicester, England. They’ve put out various EPs / albums on Bandcamp and now they’ve created another E.P.

“Close to the Light” starts things off with an e-bowed guitar on this only 27 seconds long song that starts the second track, “Daylight Fades.” “Daylight Fades” is super heavy with the guitars giving a pounding riff, and Stiles’ singing being angrier, and darker. This gives this song a dark and powerful edge to it. “Goodbye To All That” is the third track and a rerecorded version which was previously featured on the eponymous Goodbye To All That EP.

The bass and drums are totally in sync and the guitars add a sense of harshness that is not found in the original, and the vocals are clearer and brighter than in the original version. “Closed to the Light” is nearly 8 minutes long, and it’s definitely one of the more experimental tracks from this band. It stands out from the other songs giving the listener a respite from the brutal heaviness that came before. Starting out softly as the music slowly starts to build before some slightly heavy guitars come in, the vocals are very intense and the guitar section makes you think about the legendary Pink Floyd and is definitely one to check out.

Review by Rick Ecker