In The Name Of – Glutton Kings

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Self Released
Released: 2016
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Band Line Up:

Melchoir Borg – Vocals
Leli Apap – Guitars
Stefan Shembri – Guitars
Clive Scerri – Bass
Steve Vasallo – Drums


1. Devoured By Plague
2. Flesh Will Suffice
3. Glutton Kings
4. This New World Failed
5. Song 5 rough mix
6. Song 6 rough mix

You often associate extreme music with certain areas of the world. Death metal with maybe the US and Florida in particular, black metal with Scandinavia, early grind core with the UK etc. It’s a bit of a curve ball when you find a band like In The Name Of who play pretty brutal and quite technical metal then learn they come from Malta. Yep that little sunny rock in the Med now has it’s very own purveyors of horns up metal to attract tourists to go with all the sunshine and megalithic temples.

Glutton Kings is a six track mini album that shows both the up side and down side of being just a tad isolated in the middle of a sea. The down side is that there’s a bit of a time lag in terms of style which means that it sometimes sounds like you’re listening to a band from a few years back. The same goes for the production which although sharp is somehow still a bit compressed in places. The vocals lack the clarity the more sassy bands today try to employ too. Looking up, In The Name Of have developed a sound which is very much their own, influenced as much by their own creativity and willingness to explore as following what they listen to elsewhere. Too often bands follow along like a procession of Lemmings, here the Maltese have used their combined talent to write adventurous music to the full.

The thing that really puzzles me more than anything is that two of the songs appear to have no title as yet simply being referred to as song 5 rough mix and song 6 rough mix. Why? Why not finish the thing or put out the four completed tracks as a shorter release if you really want to get your music out there. The two songs in question are among the best on the record too. Glutton Kings is a perplexing release, at times it can be a bit frustrating (songs with no names) and yet elsewhere it is fantastic. I can imagine though with a bit of work In The Name Of could become a real force not just at home but in the global metal scene.
Review by Gary Trueman