Kataklysm @ Audio, Glasgow

16th February, 2016
Review by Alexis Evans


The day for brothers of death metal to reunite was upon us, the mighty and fierce Kataklysm, Septic Flesh and Aborted join forces to conjure up a night that wouldn’t be forgotten by the metal fans of Glasgow. Deep into their 2 month Ghosts of Gods 2016 tour, the brutal trio hit up the UK in a storm of chaos, creating sold out shows all over with fans ecstatic to see their triumphant return once again.

First band to hit the stage was the colossal Aborted (5/5), who didn’t create any type of warm up to the gig, but smacked you right in the face with pure death metal that caused the venue to burst into chaos of head banging. This was the perfect way to start a gig as everyone was eagerly anticipating the mayhem of what was to come and was a promising start to a night not be forgotten.

Through tracks from ‘Parasitic Flesh Resection’ to ‘Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done’, the crowd roared with excitement and you could just tell that it was on its way to getting crazy. This created a pandemonium of pits to opening up, which from my experience is the quickest I have seen a pit open up at the Audio venue. Aborted felt the crowd’s vibe and had gained complete control through the brutal riffs and created a mesmerizing anarchy from the get go.

It’s clear to see the support and fan base for Aborted as throughout the whole set everyone was relentless and blood thirsty for more, with nonstop crowd surfing and pits. This was a phenomenal set from Aborted, which showed the true talent that the band has at creating such an energetic atmosphere and demonstrated the skills that each member has.

The track that stood out the most during their set was ‘Termination Redux’, the title track from their recently released album of the same name. Everyone in the crowed was electrified to hear it live for the first time and see its brutality in full and in person. The audience went wild with a tidal wave of crow surfing that seemed to never end, with a wall of death to convince the crowed to go mental, which was something to be seen and hard to achieve in such a small venue.
Well done guys!

Set List:

  1. Meticulous Invagination
  2. Parasitic Flesh Resection
  3. Necrotic Manifesto
  4. Hecatomb
  5. Coffin upon Coffin
  6. Termination Redux
  7. Expirgation Euphoria
  8. The Holocaust Reincarnate
  9. Bound in Acrimony
  10. Sanguine Verses
  11. Threading the Prelude
  12. Saw and the Carnage Done

Second band to grace us with their presence was the masters of death metals Septic Flesh (4.5/5), more known as the Greek giants who reigned the goriest death metal scene from the 90s and relentlessly never stopped. These guys mean business and looked the part too, as soon as they came on stage the setting of the night hit a new level of metal madness.

Septic Flesh mesmerised the crowd with their ghoulish deep vocals and savage instrumental riffs and melodies, ambushing the audience into a state of trance though their spell bounding ways. As I look around the atmosphere is something to be seen and felt, pure merciless death metal. Whilst everyone stands in awe at the brutality that they have become a part of, everyone goes into a head banging frenzy as soon as ‘Order of Dracul’ steals the show.

Personally my favourite tracks of the night from Septic Fresh were ‘Anubis’ from the album Communion, and ‘Prometheus’ from  their latest LP, Titan. The crowd roared with excitement as soon as Seth Siro commanded full attention. To me, these tracks set the standard to death metal bands around the world and the venue seemed to agree through the mass mayhem and chaos being created.

Septic Flesh are masters in the field and have a certain haunting manner that just sucks you in and transports you into a whole new world of madness. I also find their take on death metal quite unique compared to others as they have an almost black metal tone underlying in certain riffs and tracks. These guys have definitely got a lot to show upcoming bands in the death metal world, as they have shattering skills and know how to captivate an audience.

Set List:

  1. War in Heaven
  2. Communion
  3. Order of Dracul
  4. Pyramid God
  5. Prototype
  6. The Vampire from Nazareth
  7. Anubis
  8. Prometheus
  9. Christos

Last but definitely not least to command the stage tonight is the powerful Kataklysm (5/5). The crowd was eager and desperate to hear first-hand the new tracks from Ghosts of Gods, which is their twelfth studio album and was recently released in July 2015. Kataklysm last graced  Glasgow with their presence back in January 2014 at the same intimate venue and past fans were sure to know of the mayhem that was away to be unleashed.

As Kataklysm opened and set the tone of what was in store, they begun with ‘Breaching the Asylum’ from their latest album, the crowd went wild and I turned around to notice that even more people had turned up to the point that the venue was full. Once again the crowd surfing took no time at all to begin, along with the whole audience creating a head banging rampage of support for the masters of death metal, Kataklysm.

During the set, two songs that were much anticipated by the crowd were classics ‘As I Slither’ from the album ‘Serenity in Fire’ and ‘Push the Venom’ from ‘Heaven’s Venom’, known to generate chaos and carnage within the crowd. As soon as the initial melodic guitar riffs started everyone went crazy and joined in the salute of horns which escalated into a head banging frenzy by the masses. I must admit that as much as I was excited to hear the new material from ‘Ghosts of Gods’, listening to the classics live rekindled why I got into the band in the first place.

The atmosphere from beginning to end was utterly breath-taking, with the whole band interacting with the crowd to create an atmosphere that commanded and mesmerised the audience’s attention fully by the ferociousness of the death metal. The skill that this band possesses is something that needs to be experienced in person, not only are they totally phenomenal at mastering their art, but they are performers that know how to interact with the audience in a way so that each attendee’s experience is unique on its own. Overall, I Can’t wait to see what Kataklysm have next up their sleeves.

Set List:

  1. Breaching the Asylum
  2. If I was God
  3. As I Slither
  4. Black Sheep
  5. Manipulator of Souls
  6. At the Edge
  7. They Serpent’s Tongue
  8. Push the Venom
  9. Ambassador of Pain
  10. Where the Enemy Sleeps
  11. Soul Destroyer
  12. Chains of Power
  13. Open Scars
  14. Shadows
  15. Crippled

This was one of the best death metal gigs I have been to in a while, possibly being the best performance I have seen Aborted play to date, Septic Flesh monstrously bringing back the old ways of death metal and spell binding the crowed in a chaotic manner. The mighty Kataklysm also bought chaos to the people of Glasgow, leaving them begging for more. I look forward to the next time any of these bands come back to play as I know now it will be a night not to be missed.

As this was at the end tail of this tremendous tour, I hope these masters of death metal will come back to Europe soon, and I recommend to anyone of the metal persuasion to check them out at any chance they get, you won’t be disappointed.