Interview with Stephane Barbe of Katakylsm @ Audio, Glasgow

16th February 2016
Interview by Alexis Evans

The fierce feath metallers Kataklysm grace Glasgow with their presence tonight at the local venue, Audio. Alongside the fearsome Aborted and the brutal Septic Flesh, it makes for a line up not to be missed, and one that won’t be forgotten.

Kataklysm pic 1

Kataklysm are currently unleashing the wrath of their monstrous twelfth studio album, “Ghosts and Gods” throughout Europe, hitting up a massive 44 shows over a crazy 2 months. On this tour the band will be visiting new cities and also countries such as Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia for the very first time

Before Kataklysm were due to go on stage tonight we managed to chat to Stephane Barbe, the mighty bass player from Kataklysm and Guitarist of Ex Deo, and got an update of what it’s been like on the tour for “Ghost and Gods”, as well as some personal insight into the new album.

So you’re back in Scotland! Out of curiosity have you tried the traditional local deep fried cuisine yet?
Oh shit no, I’ve woke up not too long ago so I haven’t even eaten yet. [Laughs]

Well I recommend trying out the pizza crunch or a deep fried Mars bar as they are some of the classics up here.
Well actually Morritso used to have a restaurant up in Chicago, where they also did a deep fried pizza. So I’m sure I would like it, and would definitely like to try out a deep fried Mars bar.

So what is your personal favourite song to play live?
The song I really like live… I would have to say I like all the songs I play live (laughs), but “As I Slither” and “Shadows in Dust” is straight to the point. It’s more grooving, you can move more and interact with more of the crowed which it’s all about.

Ghosts and Gods

From new album “Ghosts and Gods” what is your favourite track?
Hmm I think “Thy Serpent’s Tongue” Is my favourite one, even though I didn’t write it.

What was the inspiration behind “Thy Serpent’s Tongue”?
It’s about the traitors in life, not only about the people who talk shit about you then have a big smile when they see you, but the ones who stab you in the back. That’s the whole idea behind this song.

So is there any crazy stories yet from this tour that you would like to share?
That I remember of?Just me being drunk (laughs). But there is one when we just started the tour in Scandinavia Norway and we didn’t know there was a border. So one of our guys went to prison for 1 day as we didn’t realise that we had crossed over and got caught with some stuff, he actually had to take a train to come to the show the next day. But yeah that was pretty weird.

Does Kataklysm have any favourite places to play in the world fan-wise?
I would have to say Germany, but France has been really good to us on this tour. Like out of 6 days we did in France, we have only played twice in these same places before; the four other shows were different and new, so we didn’t know what to expect but it was really cool and people went ape shit. Also there was stage diving, like what we had in the 90’s which was pretty cool.

So is there any festivals coming up for Kataklysm this year?
Yeah have the Out and Loud festival in Germany and Chronical Moshers Open Air which is also in Germany. There were doing a big festival in Montreal, Canada which is Heavy Montreal, which has like 30,000 people, maybe even more. That’s about it as we did loads of festivals last summer, so we don’t want to over play.

So what’s next for the band?
Well beside these festivals and also doing Russia this summer we are always working on new music and new material. But since we also have Ex Deo, we will be working on that when we get back as we have 2 songs almost done and have some other basic ideas in progress. So that’s what’s going to be next, we’re always working on Kataklysm too as we all have different systems so we can record tracks, ideas and riffs.

Awesome, looking forward to it! So last question, who would you say drinks most in the band? Also do you have any messages for the fans?
Well I have to say we all drink the most, I would say me but then again these fuckers drink whiskey and stuff (laughs)! But Oli Beaudoin drinks less than us as he’s training every day, but when he drinks it’s not a good sign, as we have to pick up all his shit behind him (laughs)!

Thanks for coming and supporting the band!