Rotting Flesh – Infected Purity

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Co-release with MurdHer Records
Released: 2015
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Infected Purity
Infected Purity
Band Line-up:

Blackmass – Guitar & Vocals
Vincer – Guitar
Morbid Seraph – Keyboards
Mancer – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Altar Of Eclipse
2. Terrorscope
3. Infected Purity
4. Withdraw Christianity
5. Sadness of Empathy
6. Life and Torment
7. Shadowgloom
8. Flickering Rituals
9. Metal State
10. Abaddon
11. Skullgrinder
12. Nocturne


Infected Purity’ is the re-release by Rotting Flesh from Greece. This will be their third full album which combines a blend of melodic keyboards, harsh guitars and powerful vocals into a captivating and unique sound.

After the dark orchestral beginnings of ‘Alter Of Eclipse’, steeped in organ melody and heavy brass sections, comes ‘Terrorscope’. This is fast, riff-heavy, varied and a lot of fun. Ahhh death metal!

Title track ‘Infected Purity’ throws us right into an onslaught of riffs and growling accentuated by atmospheric keyboard passages before the chanting of ‘Withdraw Christianity’ takes hold in a slightly slower deformation. ’Sadness and Empathy’ returns to the faster and more upbeat. Black metal-inspired vocals and additional female vocals help to build this into a melodic, twisted hymn that quickly dies and descends into the chaotic ‘Life and Torment’. As the sombre violins creep in at the start of ’Shadowgloom’ this instrumental builds and decays with a sorrowful, distant piano until ‘Flickering Rituals’ takes the melodic a step further in its fast, if not slightly predictable composition. ‘Mental State’ is an unusual mix of pretty much everything with alternating blasting, vocals and riffs. Oh that is not what I expected… a trance intro. That was a fun interlude. It is not long before the heaviness is back and it ploughs through growling and riffs before ‘Skullgrinder’ crushes us and we quietly return to the album’s orchestral beginnings.

While this album is unique and a great listen their overuse of guitar melodies the synthed strings is slightly distracting. However, there is no space unused and it is so well put together that there is almost no faulting it. If you like your melodic death then this is not one to miss.

Review by Helena Byrne