Surge Assault – Lust & Misery

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Earthquake Terror Noise
Released: 2015
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Band line-up:


Monarch – Guitars
Hell – Vocals
Vinteren – Bass
Korsakoff – Guitars
B. Aliens – Drums

  1. Every Single Human Faced the Sacrifice
  2. Get Drunk & Destroy
  3. Straight to Misery
  4. Whoreship Me
  5. Heretics Curse
  6. In Hell From Earth
  7. Anti Human Black Metal
  8. Infernal Riot
  9. Stay Alone With Us

Fusing Black and Thrash Metal is one of my all time favourite forms of experimentation. It’s also a good bonus if the band in question has a great sense of humour and can play at such a pace you can tell they are having the time of their lives doing their job.

Italy has presented us with its answer to Skeletonwitch and Satanic Assault Division. I give you Surge Assault, here with their first studio album, ‘Lust and Misery# . My god is this album a joyride along a highway to hell with all the right riffs and rolling thunder/machine gun bass drums to keep you occupied.

We start with a truly nihilistic track, ‘Every Singly Human Faced the Sacrifice’ which is groovy as hell and will stick in your head for days. ‘Straight to Misery’ has a blast beat which will certainly give Hellhammer a run for his money, and maybe Frost in the coming years;  so this is a band with a lot of talent in the mix there.

You can tell this band are pissed off to the core with the delivery of the vocals, but every now and again you get parts which tell  you the the guys like to party and drink heavily especially on the hilariously titled ‘Whoreship Me’, an obvious satire on organised religion and its inherent perversity. (A very Italian topic there I must say).

‘Anti Human Black Metal’ sums up the band’s philosophy in a nutshell and is a good 2 minutes in length which will please all the punk kids listening in. And finally ‘Stay Alone With Us’ ends the album in a torrent of enough partying evil which will make you want to travel to this band’s homeland to see just how much fun Italian metalheads get up to.

Italy really has showcased its metal excellence for me this month, keep it up and your country will soon stand on the same metal pedestal as Norway and Britain.

Review by Demitri Levantis