Humanitas Error Est- Human Pathomorphism

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Co-release with Black Plague Records and Abstruse Eerie Radiance
Released: 2016
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Band line-up:rsz_141-1

S Caedes- vocals
Rogan- bass
Tzar- guitars
Ghoul- vocals


1. Destroyer of Worlds
2. Quod homo appellatur morbus est
3. Pain Feeder
4. Jagdzeit
5. My Sexual Benediction
6. Raping Religions
7. One Piece Human
8. Die Macht deines Glaubens
9. Skinning Alive
10. Bestial Penetration
11. Human Pathomorphism


In the unrelenting vein of Marduk, Inquisition and Mayhem is German black metal outfit Humanitas Error Est- with their monochrome assault of a debut, available to only 500 CD grabers.

This is an orthodox black metal attack. Everything about this album is loyal to what has come before, but the spiteful attitude and relentless battery of tracks such as ‘Quod homo appellatur orbud est’ and ‘My Sexual Benediction’, which allows the Liepzig six piece to flaunt their perverted side with an intro of a dirty mumbling, make the listener certain of their conviction.

A stereo attack of vocals leaves me with two thoughts. Firstly, the guttural growls sound very good, secondly, the high pitched, overdriven cries sound shoddy. Structurally the songs have been written with almost militaristic efficiency, but a somewhat diverse range of tempos towards the latter half of the album helps to avoid blast beat monotony.

At times, the music edges towards more modern death metal influences as shown by the mean pinched harmonics paired with explosive cymbals on ‘Raping Religions’, but the adrenaline and amphetamine fuelled style which the band display as their hallmark is one that staunch black metallers will appreciate. This is an unoriginal effort, but a respectful one that I will gladly be revisiting. Recommended for fans of Enstille, Marduk and Belphegor.

Review by Jarod Lawley