Salford University photographers launch Lights & Magic exhibition

Five photography students from the University of Salford will be taking part in a new exhibition this March, brought together by a common theme – Lights and Magic.

Lights & Magic
March 7th, 5pm
Aatma, 11 Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Find more info at or call 07939922257

They say “The creation of photography allowed for the capture of light and changed the way we viewed the world. For the first time in history the human experience could be documented and recorded by the masses and this technology has since grown into the largest form of artistic expression and visual entertainment. We have each interpreted this theme in our own individual style to demonstrate how light can be used in modern life, either by creating fantasy illusions, lighting performances, or simply illuminating nightlife.”

Lights and Magic final

The featured photographers are:

Joe Gregory

‘My work captures the elegance and beauty of the human form.’ The images were taken in a blackened theatre studio to provide a stark contrast between the dancer and the world around her.

Egan Quigley

Inspired by Gregory Crewdson and a love for Cinematography, Egan Quigley makes use of the ambient light of the suburbs at night to create visually appealing images.

Kimberley Keighley

‘My work depicts magic in a very nostalgic way and focuses around a true classic Peter Pan. In these images I aim to trigger nostalgia in all who view them; I want them to remember why they loved fairy tales.’

Katie Rebel

‘My work is an interpretation of light and magic using slow shutter speed and fast burst of light. This creates a magical effect that produces wonderful shapes with a surreal twist.’

Becky Callaghan

‘My work focuses on the magic that goes into making a show. In my images I want people to focus on something they’ve never really expect to see when they go to see a show, an empty stage. The emptiness of the stage reveals how much work goes into the perfect performance and the overall experience people have.’