Killus – Ultrazombies

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Art Gate Records
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Released: 2016
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Band line-up:

Supersixx –vocals
Ruk Nebur – guitars & programming
Premutoxx – bass
Nano – drums


The Dead Walkers Invade The Village
Welcome To My Madness
White Lines
The Witch’s Pact
Mr. Jack
The Last Passenger
Crazy On The Road Trip
Know Your Enemy
3 Seconds
The Ghost Under My Bed


This four piece group formed 10 years ago in the Spanish city of Vila-Real, and has released four albums previous to this one. This is thirteen tracks of industrial metal performed at full tilt and with no holds barred energy.

You can hear two major influences right away, Marilyn Manson in the vocals from Supersixx, and musically, White/Rob Zombie. If you are a fan of those bands, then you will love this, and if you are unsure as to what it ends up sounding like with the two mixed together, don’t worry, it’s pretty damn good. You get the higher pitched vocals mixed with the chugging guitars, thick bass, pounding drums and crazed electronics all put together into a mixer and set on puree. Luckily, it tastes like it was meant to be together, and still has a nice kick to it. The opening track is a sampled track that sets things up for the devastation coming up. Every track is performed with raw energy and emotion and gets your head banging. The songs are catchy and memorable and the production is clean enough to make everything sound great, but has a little rawness to it which adds to the mix. Every song is a keeper, with nothing dragging the listener down or being a filler track on this album.

The band is playing their heart out and sounding better than ever on this new album, proving that things get better with age. Turn this one up loud and see the walls shake and feel the power take over your ears.

Review by Rick Ecker