Psython- Outputs

Rating: 4/5
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Band line-up: 

Bing Garcia- vocals
Will Price- guitars
Luke Rodgers- guitars

Track listing:
  1. Intro (fruit)
  2. Careless whispers
  3. Dave 1.1
  4. Blunt
  5. GBQ
  6. Trust in us
  7. DNA
  8. Serpentes
  9. Opposition 
  10. Meltdown 
  11. Fatality 
  12. Grapefruit 


Psython are a three piece metal band from South Yorkshire and I’ve just been listening to their latest offerings “Outputs”.

First thing to say is these guys have no label. They have written, recorded, mixed and mastered everything themselves. It sounds very professional. I’m impressed.

The album kicks in with ‘Careless Whispers’. A small part of me wanted a thrash metal cover of the Wham classic, however it was not to be. But what I did get was full on metal. It sounds like thrash’s and hardcore’s illegitimate lovechild, with a light sprinkling of punk, and I like it. The vocals are crisp and cut through the mix like a knife. And just to top it off nicely 4 minutes and 10 seconds in, the track closes out to metal guitar harmonies playing Wham’s ‘Careless Whispers’. Job done. 

Many of the track are over in 3 minutes. A quick slap in the face before the next one comes along to jump on your foot. Fast paced, angry and relentless.

I don’t know who Dave 1.1 is, but he sounds very pissed off about something. ‘Blunt’ sounds like it would comfortably fit onto a classic Megadeath album. ‘Opposition’ is raw and brutal. The guitars sound great, drums awesome and the vocals full on.

All in all Psython have made a really good album. It’s available from their Bandcamp page to download for a fiver. I would say that’s a bargain 

Review by North Roxx