Verment – Death’s Domain

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2016
Label/Distributor: Self Released
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Band Line-Up

Dustin Stockhoff – GuitarVerment-Deaths-Domain-e1459445181420
Alex Hopper – Drums/Vocals
Eric Payne – Bass/Vocals
Nick Moeler – Guitar


1. Casket Fever
2. Amon’s Wrath
3. Wings Of Bone
4. Vile Incisions
5. Obsolescence Reality
6. Chemical Indoctrination
7. Parade Of Filth


Hailing from Ohio, USA’s Verment bring to the table a pleasingly old school take on the well travelled Death Metal path. Indeed, they wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, unashamedly paying homage to their idols without sounding too derivative.

Opener “Casket Fever” is an insistent skull cracker, and possessed of a distinct late 1980s feel. It is though the band were plucked from 1989 and transplanted into the present. The deranged chug of “Amon’s Wrath” is next; face meltingly intense and unhinged with its off-kilter rhythms.

“Wings Of Bone” keeps up the intensity with its Thrash infused riffing and refreshing simplicity, which contrasts nicely with the more technical approach of “Vile Incisions” – a vicious, wrist snapping blast-a-thon.

Next up is “Obsolescence Reality”, a vehement battering ram of a track akin to “Tomb..” era Cannibal Corpse, and the Slayer-esque assault of “Chemical Indoctrination”; its unceasing fury is nothing short of sadistic.

The album closes with “Parade Of Filth”, a song with a more measured pace. Its exudes an atmosphere that is somewhat lacking on the previous tracks. It keeps the listener waiting before finally going supernova.

There is much to like about “Death’s Domain”. The acidic snarl of the vocals, and the overall wonderful old school feel. It is not flawless, however. The drum sound is somewhat tinny, and the relentless pace of the album as a whole leaves little room for dynamics. As such it can seem a bit one dimensional. Very nearly a triumph.

Review by Owen Thompson
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