Zeit- Gram

Rating: 3.5/5
Self Released       
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Band Line-up:

Fur – Guitars, Vocals
Flakman – Bass
Win – Drums


1. Erwacht
2. Verloren
3. Kollektive Einsamkeit
4. Maschinenfähig
5. Dort


German based black/sludge project ZEIT brings us their third EP ‘Gram’ (meaning ‘grief’ in English.) They released their first demo in 2013 and have since recorded two more EPs, including the critically acclaimed ‘Trümmer’ (2015.) ‘Gram’ was recorded in Chemnitz in the band’s native Germany and mixed/mastered by Klenner (Chronik.)

The first track ‘Erwacht’ opens with slow, atmospheric, almost doomy guitar riffs, then later kicks things up a notch with fast paced drums, black vocals and driving riffs. ‘Verloren’ continues the angst with even catchier riffs and a sludgier feel than ‘Erwacht.’ ‘Dort’ ends the EP on an exuberant high, with Fur’s vocals at their best and most ferocious.

Throughout the EP, the pounding drum lines and speed-driven riffs really carry the songs and consequently take centre stage. The way the band have structured the songs around the fusion of genres makes listening to ‘Gram’ somewhat unpredictable, which definitely keeps things interesting. Dispersed amongst the faster, angrier drum and guitar lines are haunting black metal melodies and slower, almost doom-like moments which complete the songs perfectly. Combining these distinctive styles could result in a confusing chaos of noise, but ZEIT manages to achieve a sound which feels and sounds very well balanced.

Gram is a surprising and compelling EP which could definitely be listened to on repeat without becoming stale, and is ZEIT’s most exciting release to date. ZEIT could definitely extend their sound to a full length album, which I hope is a possibility for next year.

Review by Billie Webster