Nidhoggr – Turn To Ash

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Lake of Fire Productions
Released:  2015
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Band line-up:


Hvedrungr – Guitars
Vanagandr – Drums
Nox – Vocals
Hrungnir – Bass

  1. Turn To Ash
  2. Malice Striker
  3. Ragnarok

Released last year, new Norwegian Black Metal outfit Nidhoggr have privileged us with their debut demo- ‘Turn to Ash’, one which does scream much potential for a band I’d see rising in the ranks in years to come.

We begin the demo with the title track, nice and scratchy with very low production, so all you cvlt kids listening in will be pleased as punch because I was reminded heavily of Fenriz going into great detail about how he used a tape recorder to record the first four Darkthrone albums. There are some vocals from Nox which made me think of Watain more than once, so not bad for a band just starting out on the road.

Secondly, ‘Malice Striker’ sinks the bands teeth deeper with plenty of malice and bloodcurdling magnificence and brings in a little melody to broaden the group’s listenership. I thought of David Gold (Woods of Ypres) and his black metal scream several times, so here we’ve got a band who will make you want to add them to your collection if you want to bulk up with groups who’ve taken a lot of wide influences.

And finally, ‘Ragnarok’, which, sadly didn’t sound much like the Norwegian band I’ve recently come to love, but it gave me an impression of a decent middle of the road black metal group who will continue everything us veterans have come to love about this music and we’ll be blasting it out from our speakers in many years to come.

So here we have a band who’ve got it all there to impress people and the improvement that will come when writing their debut album will make them go from strength to strength. Good demo guys.

Review by Demitri Levantis