Harri Kauppinen Confirms Solo Album Release Date

Harri Kauppinen, frontman of dark metal band Beyond the Dream (2005-2014), is releasing his debut solo album ”Helvetin Laulut” on September 30th 2016.

Harri K final

In his debut album Kauppinen combines his personal, poetic, singer-songwriter style together with gloomy, doom-rooted dark metal elements.

The album was made in collaboration with producer/mixing engineer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, Moonspell). The album was made lyrics first in its entirety, and according to Kauppinen is a shameless shrug off to hypocritical happiness and striving to please others at one’s own expense.

”Hell surrounds us. Though some beliefs are trying to teach us that we’re living in a paradise, it’s hardly true. Humane needs and expectations are created too easily, and sadly enough, many fall into those. One tries to find acceptance from others to create ones own deeds of necessity, to judge the validity of ones actions and even to create ones own life defining truths. This topic, among others, is discussed in the lyrics of this album.”

”The music in this album is my personal protest against the predictability and following the rules that are killing the artistic attractiveness of too many albums nowadays. For me music has always been a world where I can do whatever I want and however I want to.”

The intro in its incoherence sends the listener in the middle of a dissonating and melancholic audio landscape, insisting your attention. The album won’t let you go through easily, but at the same time it offers you an opportunity to fully give in into this world of slouching tempo, painful notes and intimate, fragile acoustic atmosphere.

”This world is not for all of us, and it shouldn’t be, but just you might be chosen to be part of it.”

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