Red Eleven – Collect Your Scars

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: LifeForce Records
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Released: 2016
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Band Line Up:

Tony Kaikkonen – Vocalsredelevenalbum
Teemu Liekkala – Guitars, Backing Vocals
J-V Hintikka – Guitars
Petteri Vaalimaa – Bass
Pasi Pasanen – Drums


01. I Follow
02. Just A Game
03. Different Kind
04. Last Grain Of Sand
05. Know Yourself
06. Tainted Scene
07. All Emotions at the Same Time
08. And So I Took His Life
09. The Mark
10. Too Much to Ask
11. Yarn of Life


Collect Your Scars is Red Eleven’s third release based in Jyväskylä, Finland. To my knowledge Finland has a good track record of producing rock bands which have a global appeal; does Red Eleven showcase this potential, only time will tell.

I Follow is the first track on Collect Your Scars and my instant reaction was am I listening to Evanescence reincarnated, elements of I Follow does make me feel I’m listening to a Evanescence track, added touches of a electronic dance like synth lead in the introduction to the way the vocals are delivered having different emotional responses thought out the track, what can I say, what a start to this album and a way to introduce Red Eleven.

Last Grain Of Sand is a track of this album with a very soundscape/soundtrack feel, something I can see being a backdrop for a film. This track has a progressive rhythm with the lyrical journey making you want to finish listening to the whole track and find out what happens in the end. Starting with a gentle subtle chorus flowing into the bare bones of the structure of Last Grain Of Sand, nice addition to the album.

As So I Took His Life starts of very atmospheric beginning into a impacted chorus makes this into Red Eleven rock ballad for this album with having little similarities with Aerosmith’s Don’t Want To Miss A Thing in the first half, however turn up the grudge in the middle, gets dirty and gritty and something you wouldn’t really expect in a track of this type, but works really well, very impressed.

Yarn Of Life is a steady start with a steady click track like element keeping the track smooth. I did say smooth and steady, that was premature, comes a torrent of bass and metal vocals and even whispers with a glitchy backdrop, folding back into the core of the track, such a strong impression to finish the album with this track and would defiantly leaving its fans wanting more, wanting to see them live and wondering what next to come of the production line for this forthcoming Finish rock band.

Collect Your Scars is an impressive album on many levels, from switching the structures in Yarn Of Life and showcasing what Red Eleven represents and the musicality and subtle uniqueness provided in each of the 12 tracks on the album. The Aerosmith and Evanescence references I don’t put in their lightly, Red Eleven have stood up and been noticed, thoughtful creative processes, passion through the lyrics of the album; the question is after Collect Your Scars showing Finland have got hidden gems, can the quality and Finish music in general continue to build into a must for any lover of music to listen too.