The Pretty Reckless – Scala Kings Cross

The Pretty Reckless
Scala Kingscross,  London

Review + Photography: Billy Edmonds

As the winter nights are slowly creeping in, It seems that gig season is slowly coming upon us. One that has been on the minds of everyone for quite some time is the fantastic The Pretty Reckless.
Tonight’s crowd is rather packed; It being sold out. Selling out 2 dates of the UK leg of their tour last year tonight is without a doubt going to be insane.

Heavens Basement:

Fresh back on the scene with their brand new singer. Although nothing was really announced but last December Heavens Basement’s singer Aaron decided it was time to call it quits with the band to peruse his own personal goals;
It’s taken the boys some time to get back onto the stage but tonight they proved that the wait was for a good reason. The timing between each other is so much more locked in than ever before and the live vocals seem (Sorry Arron!) much more on point than ever.
It’s also been a while since we have seen anything come out of the studio from these lads but again, After tonight’s performance its was evident that something was in the works.


Although noone has seen or heard from these lads in a nearly a year the crowd doesn’t seem to have forgotten a single crowd from the three studio album’s HB have managed to release over the past few years. As Havens basement descend into their last song it is clear that their job for the evening was well and truly accomplished with the entire room becoming one big sweaty family.







I was slightly disappointed with the set list though as there was none of the really old stuff such as Nothing Left To Loose.

The pretty Reckless:

The voice of the almighty Taylor Monson is one that is defiantly not one too be missed; Taylor might be more well known for her role in Gossip Girl as Jenny; The wannabe rebel designer but tonight we know her as Taylor Monson, The lead singer of the rather immense
The Pretty Reckless.


Opening to Follow Me Up from the 2014 album Going To hell, It seems as if they use this song as a warm up for Taylors rather impressive vocal range The crowd are more than happy to assist Taylor with the lyrical side of this progressive work.
Although Taylor’s acting is rather great, There’s no denying that the smile on her face right now is pure and real; As they move into the next song on the impressive setlist which happens to be Since You’ve gone, Which is normally an opener for TPR. It seems they often like to use this song as a warm up for Taylors rather immense vocal range.


The second this is over they quickly move into the nearly released song “Oh My God” which features on the new album “Who You Selling For” which was only released a in September. This song isn’t like their normal work. It features fast paced drums and guitar but with a rock n roll
feel chorus. For me, I can’t say I enjoy this one as it really doesn’t fit their persona but the crowd disagrees with me and are erupting into a frenzy of hair smashing and fit pumping; If there was any more horns in their right now, Satan himself might arise onto the stage. As they finish this song, the room is sweatier than a high school gym. Taylor asks if they want something old, Of course the response is a almighty yes as they smash their way into Make Me Wanna Die; This particular song is probably the one that got TPR to where they are today.



Taylor mentions that they are using this show as a warm up to the upcoming world tour, sadly this is something which can be noticed quite visibly as I feel they are all quite robotic tonight in a sense that they are far too static. Albeit it this approach works for the slower songs such as “Just Tonight” which they played this evening for the first time in many years.

As the night continues the songs get heavier and the moshers finally get to have their play; It defiantly isn’t normal to a mosh pit in a venue such as the Scala; The entire room gets pushed closer together something which seemed was an impossible feat but yet somehow it was managed. Taylor asks at the beginning to their last 3 songsdsc_8735
that everyone should put their phones in their pockets and just enjoy the show; Of course us being English no one listened and continued to record the show, much to the annoyance to the people behind them. TPR didn’t do an “Encore” this evening but instead played right through to the end of their set finishing with Going to hell. Overall a rather great vocal performance but not too much
of a physical show.


  1. Follow Me Down
  2. Since You’re Gone
  3. Oh My God
  4. Make Me Wanna Die
  5. My Medicine
  6. Sweet Things
  7. Fucked Up World
  8. Just Tonight
  9. Goin’ Down



  1. Heaven Knows
  2. Take Me Down
  3. Going To Hell