Noctem – Haeresis

Rating: 4.5
Distributor/label: Prosthetic Records
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Released: 30th September 2016
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Band line-up:

Beleth – Vocals
Exo – Lead guitars
Ethell – Rhythm guitars
Varu – Bass
Voor – Drums


1. Through the Black Temples of Disaster
2. Auto-Da-Fe’
3. The Submission Discipline
4. Blind Devotion
5. The Dark One
6. Haeresis
7. Whispers of the Ancient Gods
8. Conjuring Degradation and Morbidity
9. The Paths of the Lustful Abandon
10. Pactum with the Indomitable Darkness


Spanish blackened death metal outfit Noctem are no strangers to extreme music, and here we have their fourth full-length album entitles “Haeresis”
They have gone through several line-up changes through the years but now with a solid line-up since 2015.

“Through the Black Temples of Disaster” is what starts us off first with some excellent guitar riffs and drum blasts with an incoming storm of growls and
raspy vocals from vocalist Beleth.

“Haeresis” has some fast yet melodic guitar riffing with more blast beats combined with some great death metal style vocals which work well.
Although it does sound similar to their track “The dark ones.” But with much higher screams and growls, it breaks down into some chuggy
riffs which set an atmosphere for the album.

“Whispers of the Ancient Gods” remains consistent with every track on this album. Blast beats. Fast riffs and harsh raspy growling vocals. The structure of this album is very well thought out.

Their closing track “Pactum with the Indomitable Darkness” is perfect song to close the album. It makes you feel as if you are going to have a relaxed journey to your damnation but instead a few minutes in you are met with the chaos that will have you gouging out your skull with

Review by Lawrence Nand