Tutti I Colori Del Buio – Initiation Into Nothingness

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Shove Records
Distributor/label URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shove/108297015901355
Released: 2016
Buy Album [URL]: https://ticdb.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ticdb/?fref=ts


 Band line-up:

Alessio Marchetti – vocals
Danilo Battocchio – guitar
Simone Tolentino – bass
Francesco Usai – drums


1. Three Times Denied Means Fuck You
2. Stop Your Fun With A Bullet
3. REM vs. NRA
4. Painkiller
5. Wet Dreams Of Dry Drinks
6. Tutti I Colori Del Buio
7. The Crab’s Failure
8. More Than Sartre, Less Than Allin
9. At War With A Machete
10. Holiday In Mongolia
11. To The End Of The Night


Grindcore was one of the first Metal genres I ever listened to, having come from the Punk and Hardcore world as a youngblood music fan. However, as the years wore on I became less and less familiar with the genre that has spawned the shortest song in history and is probably the most over the top when it comes to the genres deemed ‘extreme’. Because of its association with Hardcore, which has become something of a joke term in my personal elitism I am very sceptical these days when I come across a new Grindcore release. Is it going to be laden with good political violent vibes or just chugging breakdown after chugging breakdown with incoherent pig squeals?

Well, I can safely say there is none of said idiocies on this record. Here we have one very stripped down and back-to-basics piece of European Grindcore all the way from Italy.

Tutti I Colori Del Buio (All the colors of the dark) give us their debut full length that is packed with political and social awareness and a damn good sense of humour that awoke the die hard Dead Kennedys and Germs fan in my inner psyche. I was particularly taken with the awesome ‘Holiday In Mongolia,’ a very subtle parody of the Jello Biafra classic.

What can I say? This is classic after classic, and about 90% of it is less than 3 minutes, so there’s something good to write home about. A proper feeling of pain and anguish is expressed in the vocals right from the very beginning and never does the vocalist seem to wane. In fact, the anger on this record gets deeper and harder as the task becomes more and more of a test of brutality when expressing the real dismay at how modern society is in Italy right now.

 And if you like your classic Grindcore that melds together with Crust Punk and Anarcho then this is one good record to put into your CD player. ‘REM vs NRA’ told me these guys were serious but didn’t pull their punches and liked to play around with their expressions. ‘Wet Dreams of Dry Drinks’ also meant they liked drinking and getting up to general mischief, so if you like non-political grind then there’s variety.

 A good piece all round and it never outstays its welcome. Bravo my friends, you’re keeping Grindcore alive and well in all its extremist glory.

Review by Demitri Levantis
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