ZAUM – Eidolon

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/labelI Hate Records
Released: 2016
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Band line-up:

Kyle McDonald – Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting, Synth, Vocals
Chris Lewis – Drums, Percussion


1. Influence of the Magi [20:39]
2. The Enlightenment [20:48]


ZAUM are a doom metal duo from New Brunswick, Canada. Despite their doom genre, their sound is also very atmospheric and experimental. This album consists of just two long songs and contains field recordings of rain, birds chirping, throat singing, chanting and effects to give texture to the music.

Sadly, as a fellow Canadian and one that tries to promote acts from my home country, I really can’t get into this too much. Some of the music is brilliantly done, especially the ambient sounds that don’t contain vocals, but I’m not into the fuzz and the pounding bass on here, nor the wispy vocals mixed with the affected vocals. This really reminds me of the goth days from the late ’80s and early ’90s; kind of pretentious and mostly uninteresting for the most part. The quiet bits are the best, in my opinion and I almost wish that I could edit out the rest and make a cool ambient album out of this.

As an album, it really didn’t do it for me, it just is, and that is never a good thing. After listening to an album it should leave you with some kind of emotion, sadly this just is too much of the mediocre to stand out. If they were to go more into the ambient/experimental side, then they should drop the vocals and the sludgey sound, I would gladly grab their music then!

Review by Rick Ecker