The Unhuman Thorn – Sacro- Kvltus Dementis

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Symbol of Domination
Released: 2016
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Band line-up:rsz_053_1

Baal, The Unhuman – All Instruments


01. Sacro-Kvltus Dementis
02. Nova-Inquisition
03. Obsceno Ritual A La Autodestrucción
04. Through The Endless Death
05. My Own Damnation
06. Slaves Ov Perpetual Pain
07. Into The Abomination Cult
08. The Fall Ov The Weaker
09. As We Create, We Destroy


A highly accomplished musician operating under the name of ‘Baal, The Unhuman’ is responsible behind this maliciously and evilly talented one man band that push the boundaries of blackened death metal to the human limits of speed, precision, and darkness.

The inhumanly fast drumming battery provides the framework for this band to build on. The orthodox black-death style riffs are consistently strong, but the vocal performance, that ranges from sickening shrieks to gutteral growls is what really steals the spotlight here. In fact, this album boasts the best vocals I’ve heard in extreme metal all year.

But it’s not just face-meltingly fast, punishing tracks that this act is capable of. Baal knows how to write a song AND blow your ears off at the same time. Standout track ‘My Own Damnation’ storms aead as a stand out the begins with a meaty swing beat before a double kick blizzard. ‘Into the Abomination Cult’ further displays this musicians command of rhythm with a choppy pulse and a devastating chorus.

This record is sure to remind old-school fans of how blackened death metal used to sound- before Belphegor ran out of ideas, before Nergal opened a barbershop and grew a hipster moustache. This record, which at first glance looks like another generic release into the abyss of the underground, in fact sets a dangerous example of what all aspiring extreme metal musicians should look up to.

Review by Jarod Lawley