Ianoda- Disillusionment

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributer/label: VA ART
Distributer/label URL: https://www.facebook.com/va96art/
Released: 2016
Buy album: https://ianoda.bandcamp.com/album/disillusionment
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ianodaofficial


 Band lineup:

Erwin Weber – Vocals, guitar, bass, mixing and mastering.


1: For the Preachers
2: Disillusionment
3: Omnipotence
4: Slaver to the Scripture
5: Enclosed
6: Risen Banners (Not Risen Bananas, as I first thought)
7: Q Theodicy
8: Omnibenevolence


What better way to start a black metal review? I’m going to be reviewing the album ‘Disillusionment’, by the Romanian band, Ianoda.
Apparently it started up in 2015, an album just a year later? Pretty good going, really. Maybe its leader should cheer up, a bit. Only joking, we all like darkness, don’t we!?

The theme of Ianoda’s debut album is madness. Really? Yep, you’ll hear the connection, it’s more than clear.

This guy’s album is about a severe case of schizophrenia and many will feel for the guy, his life sounds awful. On the bright side, it’s unlikely listening to this album will actually drive you mad, but it may well make you neurotic! It never gives you a break from what would many (other than BM fans, for sure) would call relentless and harsh pandemonium. Therefore, don’t show this to your nan. No, actually do.

This one man band clearly isn’t your typical power chord metal act. Erwin Weber’s music is harmonically and rhythmically complex, and even proggy. It’s ome of the bleakest progressive music you’ll ever hear. Because of the music’s creativity, it sounds like fun, though a nightmare to perform. (How fitting, right?) Weber’s musicianship is more than adequate, and his voice (note that I didn’t include it in the ‘musicianship’ category) is super creepy, and reminiscent of Dead from Mayhem. It would surprise few if Mr. Weber starves himself to give himself stomach ulcers, just to make his voice ‘better’. Fair play, to the guy, if he does. He really would suffer for his art, if that was case. Though hopefully he won’t end up like Dead, and be actually dead.

So that’s the good stuff; the music sets the scene the band wanted it to, and it’s reasonably sophisticated. What are the flaws? None of the songs on this album really stood out as classics. There are no ‘Freezing Moons’ on this album. That iconic Mayhem song, whilst having simple riffs, nevertheless had memorable and effective ones, like a black metal ‘Smoke on the Water’, if you like. The stuff found on ‘Disillusionment’ seems to be so fixed on experimentation, Weber in part neglected what black metal is really about – simply sounding ultra bad-ass. And no one cares if you know what a b9 chord is, people want catchiness, even if they won’t admit it. There is nothing wrong with someone mindlessly humming something apparently braindead and monotonous, in their mind. There is little to hum in this album. There is some real crushing power, heard, however.

Would I recommend this album to anyone else? Not if they were starting out with the genre, I wouldn’t; I would recommend classic Mayhem and Burzum albums. But that’s common sense, right? A better question is ‘would I tell hardened black metal fans in general to give this a listen?’ Sure. Would I tell them to buy it? Why not. There’s so much to this album, that it would take many, many listens, before one got bored with it. That’s the edge this group have over more basic BM bands. Also, Weber lives up to the reputation many of his contemporary greats, by creating a wonderful, hopeless atmosphere. Think of crazy people, wearing corpse paint in a forest, whilst dancing round a fire, and holding spiky clubs.

Review by Simon the Mighty